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Shawn Porter: I’m more ready for Thurman than I was in March

Shawn Porter says that the extra three months to prepare have him fully ready and confident to face Keith Thurman.

Ryan Greene/Premier Boxing Champions


"Being the first fight in primetime on CBS since Muhammad Ali is very significant. It makes me want to go out there and do something inspiring.

"Keith's injury gave me enough time to make extra sure that I had everything I needed to get ready for this fight. Not to say I wouldn't have been ready March 12 but it's given me more time to reflect and visualize. On June 25, I know I will be 100 percent on every level.

"We sparred for about two weeks together but it was a while ago. The biggest change has been mental. There are things you learn and grow out of. I'm a lot different. Still some of the same skills but definitely stronger mentally.

"I think he can do some things. He can box very well. He throws good off balanced shots. I can box as well, but I have the pressure, quickness, foot speed and hand speed that it takes to not only outbox him, but to pressure him and hurt him. I think that's what makes it a great fight.

"At this point, we look at everything we've done and move forward each day because we know something special is going to happen. I'm blessed to have a mindset where I don't focus on what I've done. I am always looking forward to the next big opportunity.

"I think the fight is bigger since it's been postponed. Taking it to Barclays Center is something that is special for the sport of boxing. I won my first championship there and I look forward to keeping up the recent history of great fights at Barclays Center.

"I want to win each and every round. We want to make him have to adjust to what we're doing. If we control the fight, we win the fight.

"I've always been taught to control everything in a fight. I can't allow him to slow the tempo down. But I'm definitely not going to rush. I have the skills to execute the game plan.

"I think the difference is in my preparation. I have a great team to match my great skills. We're going to shock the world."

KEN PORTER, Shawn’s Father & Trainer

"We normally don’t work out hard in front of the media, but we’ve decided to switch the energy and go harder during this afternoon session. This isn’t just for the cameras.

"I respect Keith Thurman as a fighter and a person. This is something that happens along the way. Fighters have to fight each other. Some of these young guys working in this gym, they might have to fight Shawn one day. But fight night is fight night.

"I’m not worried about anything Keith Thurman can do. We’ve done all the hard work. The foundation has been laid. He’s done this since he was four-years-old. He’s been on every stage and this is his time."

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