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Lawsuit against Adrien Broner dropped, but criminal charges remain

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The man who accused Adrien Broner of an assault earlier this year has dropped his lawsuit.

Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

TMZ is reporting tonight that the man who accused Adrien Broner of an assault at a Cincinnati bowling alley earlier this year has suddenly dropped his lawsuit, but criminal charges are going forward, and a trial is expected next month.

Broner, 26, is being charged with felonious assault and criminal robbery, among other charges, and his lawyer says that the fighter has "no comment" on whether or not a settlement was reached with the alleged victim. Broner allegedly lost over $12,000 gambling with the man at the bowling alley, then attacked him outside of the building and took back the money.

With the charges still in play and a trial pending, this story isn't over, so Broner isn't in the clear just yet, and as such, his career is kind of on hold at the moment.

Broner (32-2, 24 KO) last fought on April 1 in Washington, DC, beating Ashley Theophane but losing his WBA junior welterweight title before the fight by not making weight.