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Keith Thurman on Mayweather: 'The old man is old, let him retire'

"If anyone is the No. 1 contender for Floyd Mayweather, it's been me. It's hard to keep barking up a tree knowing you ain't gonna get no action."

On calling out Floyd Mayweather

"Mosley did it? OK. How old was he? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Adrien Broner just did it, is he gonna get the next shot? Let's be real, OK? Floyd Mayweather, that's not how he works. He's beyond that. That's not how he operates no more. You can say that Mosley did it -- how long did he run from the Manny Pacquiao fight? It happened because the (expletive) made money. I don't wanna hear that! I don't wanna hear that! It's all about money. If you are not intelligent enough to understand that a dude just nicknamed Floyd 'Money' May, because he's confident, I'm pretty and all, but I'm done being pretty, because I'm ready to make more money. All he wanted to do was make money. When he fought Mosley, he did it for the money, and he did it because he knew he wasn't the same challenger, when being challenged at that time. You know what I'm saying?

"Floyd Mayweather does not do what the people tell him to do. He will go around you. You do not control his emotions. You do not control his outcome. Look at him talking about this McGregor stuff, and how long they wanted to talk about it. So and so came in and said, 'You gotta do business through me, nothing can happen, he's got a regular UFC fight being matched up right now,' so it seems like it's dying off, but it's clear he's in a position, a very powerful position.

"He fought Andre Berto. Then he wants to call Andre Berto the No. 1 contender, when he was the No. 1 contender for my title. If anyone is the No. 1 contender for Floyd Mayweather, it's been me. It's hard to keep barking up a tree knowing you ain't gonna get no action. You know what I'm saying?

"The old man's old. Let him retire. I'm cool with it. He's got his legacy, I'm gonna try to create my own, with or without. There's two roads to my legacy, one with Mayweather in the picture, one without. This whole year, I've been waiting for him to stay retired, because really, I'm tired of people talking about him. I'm ready for his name to go in the books and be straight up what it is, which is history. He ain't the future, he's history."

"That's a legitimate fight in the near future. If anything, that's a fight worth building up, and nobody should argue about it not being worth building up. That's one thing about boxing, if you make all the best fights happen, there's no more best fights. So then what? Who are we fighting? How can we entertain?"

"I don't think Floyd really -- as much as he kinda wants to step back in the ring, I think he doesn't at the same time. And I think if he's gonna step in the ring, he's gonna do it the way he's always done it. Be very methodical, pick his opponent, pick his route to victory, get the 50-0 legacy that he wants, and then be out. He's already done, man.

"Errol Spence is gonna have his time, he's gonna have his shot. How old's Floyd gonna be after that fight's done and over with? If y'all want Floyd to fight me, talk to him about me, get in his face about me. If you wanna back me, back me!"

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