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Fury vs Klitschko II: Watch BoxNation's 'Face to Face' interview

Tyson Fury and Wladimir Klitschko sat down with John Rawling for an interesting exchange of words and mind games.

Tyson Fury and Wladimir Klitschko recently got together to sit down for BoxNation's "Face to Face" interview, which is yet another take on HBO's "Face Off" series, except in this one nobody sits in backwards chairs and the lighting isn't as moody, and there's no melodramatic soundtrack.

Klitschko on what he can do differently

"The difference is, I'm just gonna let my hands go, which I didn't the first fight. Then you will see the difference. And then you will see the difference."

Fury's reply: "He says he's gonna do it, so I believe he is. I believe he will let his hands go. But my question is, what happened the first time? Why didn't you let your hands go?"

Fury's indifference

"Let's just be normal. Forget all the acting and all that. Calm yourself down. Relax. Be yourself. Let's just talk, man to man. What happened? I'm not slating you. It's because I was doing my thing, I was moving about and being awkward, so obviously you couldn't land your punches. But don't try and make this something it's not. It's just a boxing match, Wlad. You've had plenty of them before, I've had a few myself. So it ain't -- don't try and make it something that it isn't."

Klitschko on the first fight

"I didn't feel, honestly, that he's better than me. I just didn't feel anything. There was not a boxing match. There was just walking around, look at each other, and making funny faces. That's it. I didn't see the actual fight. The fight was not there, to be honest."

Fury's continued indifference

"Does it matter who wins or loses? Why does it matter? I'm still gonna get paid, aren't I, if I lose or win? It doesn't mean as much as this jumper means to me. Them belts haven't seen daylight since I won them. That's just the person I am. Clearly, they mean something to Wlad, because he's here trying to win them back. Emotionally, he wants to win them again. He's giving me all the stare-outs and all that, but it doesn't really matter to me. I've already beat him. My job's been done. I've already done the impossible. If he knocks me out in 10 seconds, I'll be happy. So what? I've been paid a lot of money, I've been heavyweight champion of the world, and I've been involved in some big fights. Just because I lose one doesn't mean I won't be involved in big fights in the future. I will be."

And they go back and forth from there. It's a good watch.

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