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Canelo Alvarez ordered to pay $8.5 million to All-Star Boxing, Golden Boy cleared

Golden Boy Promotions was cleared in their Florida court case with All-Star Boxing, but Canelo Alvarez was not.

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Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Golden Boy Promotions has been exonerated, but Canelo Alvarez has been ordered to pay $8.5 million to All-Star Boxing in a Florida court case that had been dragged out for six years.

Golden Boy was accused of tortious interference by All-Star Boxing, and have been cleared of any wrongdoing. All-Star Boxing has been ordered to pay Golden Boy’s legal fees. But Alvarez has to pay All-Star Boxing, or at least that’s the decision as of now, pending an appeal, which Golden Boy says they will help Alvarez seek.

Golden Boy issued a statement:

"We are extremely pleased that not only did the jury find that no contract ever existed between Canelo and All-Star Boxing, but issued a judgment against All-Star boxing and ordered them to pay Golden Boy’s substantial legal fees.

"Over the last five-plus years, many questioned why we wouldn’t just settle the case before trial. The answer is simple: We would not be extorted. It was clear from the beginning that neither Canelo nor Golden Boy Promotions had acted inappropriately in any way. We are grateful that the jury was able to see that.

"However, it is absurd to think that All-Star Boxing provided anywhere near that amount of value that the jury awarded under a separate claim. We will appeal this part of the decision, and are confident we will win, just as we did on the contract dispute.

"Outside of appealing the financial damages, we now look forward to putting this episode behind us and working with Canelo to continue his meteoric rise though the boxing ranks."

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