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Danny Garcia: A fight with Mayweather is realistic

Danny Garcia talks Floyd Mayweather, Thurman-Porter, Adrien Broner, and more.

On the way Thurman-Porter is being promoted

"How can you be the king of the division, though? Like, that’s both of their biggest fights of their career, them against each other. I don't know if it's for king of the division. It puts them up there, but... Everybody can say anything, but there’s work to be done."

"I always feel like I’m the king. I’m always the king. I put the most work in out of both of them. I’ve been the most relevant out of both of them. I think it's a great fight for both of them, I wish nothing but success to both of them in that fight."

On Adrien Broner

"Broner’s an interesting guy, man. We just don't know. Inside the boxing ring, he’s a good fighter. That’s all I know about Adrien Broner. I don't know about his personal life. I know in the ring he's a good fighter, he's a champion."

On beef with Shawn Porter

"It's all love, man. I ain’t mad at nobody. End of the day, everybody’s trying to eat, everybody’s trying to get their money. I know a lot of shit people say on the internet is fucking bullshit, and they really don't mean it. That’s why I don't really say nothing! If I’m gonna say something, I’m gonna say it to you in the face, and really mean it. I’m just playing my part.

"A lot of people know, like, ah, he’s fighting Keith Thurman, so let me throw Danny's name out there to rope Danny into this promotion. Make Danny say something to make my fight bigger. I understand how everything works. It's all love from me. I ain’t trippin’."

On a Mayweather-Garcia fight

"I think it’s realistic. If he said I’ll fight Danny Garcia, but as far as I know now, he's on vacation, I mean, he's on retirement. I saw him in Miami at the pool. We had a handshake, we talked for a little bit. Talked about shutting down Khan and Canelo, but that didn't happen."

On being a new father

"It’s great, man, it’s great being a father. I miss her right now. She’s in Puerto Rico right now, actually. She’s in Puerto Rico with my mom and her mom right now."

On the Watsons

"That’s my family! A lot of people don't know, Marcus put me on! I was a free agent. I walked up to him at a fight, Lucas Matthysse was fighting Zab Judah. It was great, I came back and fought both of them and beat them, but at that point in my career, I was a nobody. I was a nobody. He saw the vision. I knew he was with Al (Haymon). I was, like, ‘Marcus, put me on,’ two days later I’m with Al Haymon, I’m the happiest man in the world."

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