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Jose Benavidez Jr: Terence Crawford was supposed to fight me three times

Jose Benavidez Jr discusses Terence Crawford and says that the two were supposed to fight multiple times before, but never did.

On what he’s looking to do in his career

"I’m ready for whoever at 140, 147 pounds. Crawford, I’m ready for Crawford, I’m ready for Brandon Rios, I’m ready for Broner, I’m ready for Danny Garcia, I’m ready for whoever, you know."

On who he wants to fight most

"I want to fight Crawford. I’ve been wanting to fight Crawford, you know, but for some reason it hasn’t happened. I don’t know why. I’m ready for whoever. I’m ready to fight whoever, whenever. That's what you train for, to fight and win."

On Terence Crawford's flaws

"No boxer is perfect. Every boxer has a flaw. It's boxing. You learn new things every day. No one’s perfect. I think I have what it takes to beat him. I think I’m the stronger, bigger guy. I think whenever they’re ready to fight, I’m ready."

On Crawford against Viktor Postol

"I think he's gonna win the fight. I don’t really see it as an exciting fight, but it is what it is. I’m ready for whoever."

On Crawford avoiding him before

"We were supposed to fight quite a few times, and it didn't happen. Honestly, I’m past that. I’m past trying to fight him. I've been trying to fight him. The fight was supposed to happen three times. It never happened. So, like I said, I’m ready for whoever at 140, 147 pounds. Whoever is near my weight, I’m ready to take them out."

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