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Keith Thurman answers fan questions on Shawn Porter

Keith Thurman takes questions from fans on Shawn Porter, Canelo, Demetrius Andrade, and more.

Keith Thurman takes some time to catch up with FightHub to answer questions from fans. Check out some excerpts on what he had to say below with the full video above.

On how his upcoming fight against Shawn Porter is different from any of his other fights:

"Well, one, me and Shawn have a very close relationship, closer than I've had with almost anybody I've had to step into the ring with...That's one thing that makes it different. The fact that I even know how Shawn's punches feel like, I know what it's like to go up against his speed, his timing, his athletic abilities, the fact that we are already familiar with one another and we're bringing that into the ring - it should actually make both of us feel more confident because there's not a lack of not knowing. There's the confidence of knowing and both fighters should feel well prepared since there should be any surprises. But I know he might have a trick up his sleeve and I've got one or two up mine as well.

On whether he would rather knock out Kenny Porter than Shawn Porter:

"You know, we're going for the knockout...there's been times, with the way Kenny talks, that I wish we were gloving up to a degree, but really it's just that Kenny is a really proud father and coach who believes in his son, does the talking for his son, maybe so his son only needs to focus on the training aspect...They kind of have a teamwork of talking where really the teamwork is Kenny does all the talking, Shawn does all the boxing. But yeah, it'd be nice to land a nice right hand-left hook on old Kenny there.

"But really I just want to put on a good enough performance, do enough damage to Shawn, and then hopefully Kenny will put some respek on my name."

On if he will try to showcase any new moves or introduce new wrinkles in his game:

"I am. We are focused on throwing very short punches on the inside, being in preparation for Shawn Porter's smother tactics. If he's gonna smother there's only really two options: one is to step back and create space and then throw the punch; and two is to be right there, keep it really short on the inside and land the punch."

On if he sees himself moving up to 154 to get revenge on Demetrius Andrade who beat him in the amateurs:

"That's an intriguing one, right? I've thought about that since the day I walked out of the ring when he beat me, ok. It was funny though because I did know that from that day I will never be fighting Demetrius Andrade ever again or free. And when we do fight you're looking at a minimum of a seven-figure payday...I would possibly move up, I can't say anytime soon, not this year, not next year, but sometime in the future there's a possibility of me moving up. I would love a fight possibly with Canelo Alvarez since he's one of the cash cows of that division. Outside of that, I would love  rematch with Andrade to take that amateur rivalry and throw down as pros."

On his thoughts about Canelo's knockout of Amir Khan:

"It's interesting because I think one of my first predictions is how the fight went exactly. I said Amir Khan looks very good for the opening start of the fight, his hand speed is gonna be evident. The main reason why Amir Khan took the fight is because obviously he believed in his boxing ability and his hand speed. And I believe that because Canelo fights at such a monotone approach - he's just slowly stalking you down and slowly building the pace up throughout the fight - Amir Khan starts out fast and slowly fades. I had a feeling that just around the 5th and 6th round is when Canelo is gonna start landing his punches and it's gonna be very hard to make it past the 8th.

"And the reason why I said that is because Chris Algieri was landing very nice straight right hands around the 6th, 7th, and 8th round when he fought Amir Khan, and Algieri is not a puncher. So just transferring the punch, I figured that Amir Khan was going to get stopped. Pretty much the whole world didn't really see Khan not getting knocked out..."

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