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Magomed Abdusalamov's lawyer files suit in New York, cites failure of investigation

The probe into the tragedy has reportedly been stagnant for over two years.

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Magomed Abdusalamov's fight for justice continues. Two-and-a-half years since his bout with Mike Perez and the nightmarish aftermath, "Mago's" lawyer has begun litigation with New York's attorney general, demanding that it turn over evidence relating to its ongoing investigation.

If he is to be believed, he has extremely good reason for doing so. Via ESPN:

According to the complaint, no evidence received to date by attorney Paul Edelstein indicates any investigative activity in nearly two years. Edelstein asserts he is entitled under the state's Freedom of Information Law to receive all material and conclusions drawn during that time as he pursues legal action over the Nov. 2, 2013, bout that left Abdusalamov brain damaged, paralyzed on his right side and unable to walk or talk.

Former NYSAC executive director David Berlin sent a May 16 letter to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo saying he learned three days earlier that he was being removed from the position. When Berlin took the job in March 2014, his letter states, the inspector general's office said it would soon conclude its investigation and release its report. Berlin's letter -- which is cited in the Edelstein complaint, says that failing to complete the probe after more than two years suggests a "mindset that leads the government to suppress what are sure to be negative findings about the Commission."

Incompetence on the part of his supposed protectors has been a significant part of the tragedy, dating back to when ringside doctors failed to send a bloodied and clearly-compromised Abdusalamov to the hospital. He was forced to take a taxi after urinating blood.

On behalf of Abdusalamov and his family, Edelstein is suing the five athletic commission doctors, the referee and the inspector from the 2013 fight, alleging recklessness, gross negligence and medical malpractice. Depositions have begun and two more are scheduled this month. The athletic commission countersued five of Abdusalamov's former handlers -- two of whom have had their cases dismissed.

Wednesday's filing in state supreme court quotes two medical experts who in February 2014 told the inspector general's investigators that in their view, commission doctors should have sent Abdusalamov to the hospital after the fight.

The rest of the article is a heartbreaking look at Abdusalamov's wife, Bakanay, and her ongoing struggle to both deal with her husband's condition and take care of her three children.

Both the boxers and the fans know that permanent injury looms over the ring every time the bell sounds, but there's nothing more disgusting than the people we task with their protection failing in their duties. Godspeed to Bakanay Abdusalamov and those helping her family in their time of need.

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