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Canelo Alvarez set to return on September 17

Canelo Alvarez will be returning to the ring this fall, while weighing a slew of options to be his next opponent.

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Canelo Alvarez has his next fight date set, September 17th, but where and against whom is still to be decided. So far Golden Boy Promotions has requested a hold at the MGM in Las Vegas, while also reserving AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX, while also opening talks with Madison Square Garden about the fight date. So it's looking like when Canelo returns it'll either be in Las Vegas, Arlington, or New York City as Golden Boy VP Eric Gomez relays to

That aside, the only thing boxing fans really care about is who Canelo will be facing next. There's plenty of reasons to believe it won't be the fight fans are asking for -- Gennady Golovkin -- but Gomez suggests that they're still willing to negotiate the possibility with Golovkin's promoter Tom Loeffler.

"We're going to sit down with Tom Loeffler. If it's something that benefits all of us — whether it's time to do the fight in September, whether there's enough time to put a great promotion together — we're going to give it a real shot. We're going to see exactly what they're looking for and if we can make it happen, we'll make it happen. And if not, then there's a slew of other guys out there."

Those other guys Gomez is referring to -- "just in case the Golovkin thing goes south" -- includes a possible rematch against Miguel Cotto, whom Alvarez beat by unanimous decision last November. Gomez also says that they are considering everybody from 154-160lbs for Canelo, giving them a lot of leeway to make their ultimate decision.

Gomez continues on by saying that Canelo has told them to get him the best possible fight out there, and if that's indeed the case, a Golovkin bout is a no-brainer -- but that obviously depends on your interpretation of "best" in this context. For example, it may not be the "best" idea to dangle your cash cow over boxing's great white shark while there's still plenty of time and money to be made. But from a fan's perspective, we just want the most intriguing match-ups available. That said, Golden Boy maintains that Alvarez wants the fight.

"He wants the Golovkin fight," Gomez said of Alvarez. "We want to make it. We know it's a big fight. We know it's the next mega-fight. And if it's the right deal, we're going to make it happen. If it's a great deal to face Golovkin — and it's too good of an offer to pass up — then you know what? We're going to take a hard look at it and see if we can make it happen."

We'll keep you posted as things progress...

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