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SHO on CBS boxing results: Keith Thurman edges Shawn Porter in stirring battle

Keith Thurman won a close decision, beating Shawn Porter in an electric fight in Brooklyn.

Ed Mulholland/Getty Images
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Whether or not we look back on it as a true Fight of the Year candidate, one thing is inarguable: Keith Thurman and Shawn Porter gave the fans their money’s worth, exceeded the hype, and put on a hell of a show tonight in Brooklyn.

In the end, it was Thurman keeping his undefeated record and WBA welterweight title, winning on scores of 115-113 across the board. BLH had it 114-114, with Thurman closing the gap late, but this was a fight with several rounds very tough to score. To make clear how close it was, the official punch stats had Porter outlanding Thurman by one punch, 236-235.

There was a great energy to this fight, and the fans at the Barclays Center fueled it as the fight went along. Porter (26-2-1, 16 KO) did his best to maul Thurman (27-0, 22 KO), who was able to potshot and sharp shoot from distance, landing some vicious counter shots that Porter took quite admirably, though he was rattled a couple of times.

Porter’s pure physicality and body work gave Thurman fits, too, and Thurman was not able to overwhelm Porter at any point. To Thurman’s credit, the thundering charges of Porter never totally knocked him off his game, either. It was a well-matched, competitive fight, and the styles came together and made for some fireworks.

"I wanna thank Shawn Porter for a tremendous fight. He’s a great warrior. Shawn brought it today, he put it on me," Porter said, saying that his defense was his key to victory. "He was in tremendous shape, he is a tremendous athlete, and I’d love to see him again in the ring, if that’s what he wants. I’d love a rematch. It was a great fight!"

Porter, of course, felt he did enough to win, but didn’t complain about the scoring, and said he’d definitely take the rematch.

"Come on, now, we need that rematch! I think the fans want that rematch!" Porter said, drawing cheers. "He got this one. If he gives me another chance, I’m gonna work hard, we’ll come back with that WBA title."

Do you want to see an immediate rematch of this one?

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