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Keith Thurman to Danny Garcia: ‘Sign the contract, boy!’

Keith Thurman discusses his win over Shawn Porter, and who he wants next.

On Shawn Porter doing anything unexpected

"Nothing at all, man. I know Shawn, I know he has every strong legs, he’s gonna keep pressing, he’s gonna try to outwork you. We expected everything. One of the most impressive things is, when he was dazed, when he was rocked, he didn’t go down. That was very impressive."

On changing his game plan trying for a KO

"I started to see that, you know, it was difficult. Loading up wasn’t the best option. Just being relaxed and landing punches was going to be the key to victory. I had to let go a little bit, but I did see that I was still catching him with big shots, so it was a mix of both worlds. Land clean, land effective, and then boom-boom, try to get him out of there. It just didn’t happen tonight."

Message to Danny Garcia

"Let’s go, Danny! Sign the contract, boy! Come on, man, stop playin’. Let’s do this. We need more belts, baby, we need more belts!"

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