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Paulie Malignaggi: Thurman’s clean punches edged the fight

Paulie Malignaggi gives his thoughts on the Thurman-Porter fight.

On what he saw in Thurman-Porter

"I think the effectiveness of the shots Thurman landed edged out the fight for him. But it was a great fight, and Shawn brought a lot to the table as well. ... I agreed with the decision, but it was a good fight. Competitive."

On what he was impressed by

"Both guys, the fact that they were willing to dig deep in the later rounds, when it was really uncomfortable to dig deep. The fact that both guys were clearly hurt at one specific time in the fight. Keith was hurt to the body, and early in the fight Keith landed a big shot to the head of Shawn, and Shawn buckled and grabbed hold of Keith. There were two specific times they had to come back from being hurt, and just the fact that they were very uncomfortable late in the fight, and were able to dig down and keep fighting."

On Thurman showing any rust

"Nah, they both had a year off. It was what it was."

On Porter being different than his own fight with him

"He’s the same Shawn. He’s effective at what he does, being in your face as much as he can, being a grinder, and making you very uncomfortable. ... He’ll get in your head psychologically, because he’s always there and he’s making you uncomfortable, disrupting your rhythm, disrupting your timing. And of course, physically, because he’s making you work."

On Thurman vs Kell Brook

"I think Kell and Thurman are the top two welterweights in the world. Errol Spence is probably in the conversation, as well. Shawn remains in the conversation. It’s a good weight class to be a fan of right now. There’s a lot of talent."

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