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PBC on Spike - Barthelemy vs Bey: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

Rances Barthelemy takes on Mickey Bey in tonight's PBC on Spike main event.

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Tonight at 9 p.m. ET on Spike, Premier Boxing Champions is back with a world title main event and a prospect vs young veteran co-feature from the Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood, Florida.

In the main event, Rances Barthelemy (24-0, 13 KO) defends the IBF lightweight title against former holder Mickey Bey (22-1-1, 10 KO), who controversially won the belt in 2014 and then vacated rather than defend it against mandatory challenger Denis Shafikov. Barthelemy beat Shafikov for the vacant belt last December. If the IBF had any pride in themselves as an organization or true sanctioning body, they wouldn't be allowing a guy who last time chose to give up the belt rather than defend it against their mandatory challenger, but, well, I guess that's beside the point right now. Oh well!

In the co-feature, bantamweight prospect Emmanuel Rodriguez (14-0, 10 KO) takes on Alberto Guevara (24-2, 9 KO) in a 10-round fight, a Puerto Rico vs Mexico matchup, and people always enjoy talking those up.

For more on these fights, check out the preview from earlier this week.

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Rances Barthelemy def. Mickey Bey by split decision (117-110, 110-117, 116-111)

Caleb Plant def. Carlos Galvan by KO (1:24 of round 4)

Emmanuel Rodriguez def. Alberto Guevara by unanimous decision (99-91, 99-91, 100-90)

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Round 1: Barthelemy fighting very relaxed, Bey winging wide shots. Antonio Tarver says that Mickey Bey has "that one punch type knockout power" and I am FLABBERGASTED by what has happened here. Barthelemy doing the better work here. But Bey is there and has a plan. Barthelemy 10-9

Round 2: Barthelemy's height and reach is really puzzling Bey so far, he's lunging, and Barthelemy is happy to stay out there and look to catch him either coming in or going out. Bey gets an official knockdown late in the round. Referee blew that call bad. Awful. Bey 10-8, 19-18

Round 3: Barthelemy could chill and do what he was doing. That two point swing unlikely to be a difference. But he’s giving Bey openings now. But Rances' aggression wins him the round, even if it does give Bey a little more to work with than he had before. Barthelemy 10-9, 28-28

Round 4: Barthelemy with a nice flurry and a body shot in there. Bey cut near the left eye now. Another good round for Barthelemy. Honestly, apart from the blown knockdown call by the referee, this has been pretty one-sided, and it's not that Bey isn't trying. Barthelemy 10-9, 38-37

Round 5: This is actually a pretty decent fight so far. I gave this round to Bey, this was easily his best round to this point, landing some good counters. Bey 10-9, 47-47

Round 6: Bey has decided to do the shoulder roll now. It's never done much for him before and isn't now. Barthelemy tagging him again this round. Barthelemy 10-9, 57-56

Round 7: Floyd Sr telling Bey that Barthelemy is winning. "He’s at home and you can’t win like that. You ain't doin' nothin', man." Bey taking the advice and doing a bit better again this round. That knockdown is potentially going to be a difference. Bey 10-9, 66-66

Round 8: Both doing some decent work, but Barthelemy is back on the front foot and seems to have the tempo where he wants it again. Barthelemy pushes Bey back late in the round, may have shook him just a bit there, but Mickey ties up and gets out of it. Barthelemy 10-9, 76-75

Round 9: Again both doing some decent work, and again I like Barthelemy again here. He's really controlled these last two rounds again, and has probably gotten himself a little breathing room, not that he should lay off. Barthelemy 10-9, 86-84

Round 10: Barthelemy continuing to control. Bey still doing OK, just not quite enough for me. He's proving his class down the stretch here, and I gave Bey as much as you can, I think. Barthelemy 10-9, 96-93

Round 11: Barthelemy still doing good work, Bey doing less now, Barthelemy keeping it going forward and landing clean shots. Barthelemy 10-9, 106-102

Round 12: Barthelemy closes strong here. We'll see. Barthelemy 10-9, 116-111


Round 1: Plant jabbing a bit, looking to follow up, feeling Galvan out. Galvan doing very little. Plant controls the round, nothing big. Plant 10-9

Round 2: Plant controlling, and he lands a good left hook with a little over a minute left in the round, then another one. He's starting to open up a little more. Plant 10-9, 20-18

Round 3: Galvan trying to pick it up but he's having trouble landing clean. Plant poking away with the jabs, showboating somewhat. Not a lot to this fight, either. Plant 10-9, 30-27

Round 4: WICKED body shot from Plant about a minute into the round, and Galvan is down and done. True knockout. Plant KO-4


Round 1: Rodriguez looking to start fast here, landing his straight right hand and walking Guevara around the ropes. Guevara steps in with a 1-2, doesn't land. Rodriguez misses the right, glancingly lands a hook. Guevara with a left to the body. Right hand from Rodriguez, then a counter hook and Guevara is shaken a bit! Rodriguez with a nice opening round. Rodriguez 10-9

Round 2: Good counter right from Rodriguez about a minute into the round. Guevara is trying to stand his ground a bit more. Rodriguez not landing as cleanly as often this round. He's taking his time, trying to work his way in with the jab. Guevara making him change his approach, too. A little wrestling in the round. Rodriguez 10-9, 20-18

Round 3: Guevara starting to make this a little more difficult for Rodriguez, landing some counters, keeping Rodriguez from leading the dance all the time, and doing some good work to frustrate the less experienced man. I liked Guevara this round. But I think Rodriguez did a good job defensively this round, and the offense was still in his favor, too. He's a good looking fighter. Rodriguez 10-9, 30-27

Round 4: Guevara gets cut under the left eye. Another nice round for Rodriguez. This really is a sharp looking prospect, extremely poised, keeps his boxing tight. This is solid so far. Rodriguez 10-9, 40-36

Round 5: Cut was caused by an accidental headbutt, and referee rules it so. If the cut ends the fight, it will go to the cards. Guevara opening up a bit more to start this round. Good counter right again from Rodriguez, though. Just a short, straight, crisp shot. Still like what Rodriguez is doing but Guevara had an argument this round. Rodriguez 10-9, 50-45

Round 6: Guevara trying to pick up his pace a bit, but Rodriguez is still doing the better work, I think. His shots are just a little stiffer and cleaner. I will say Rodriguez has started to slow down a bit, which is not all that surprising. He's still at that stage of his career. Rodriguez 10-9, 60-54

Round 7: Rodriguez showing some energy again early in the round. Guevara ties him up. A good amount of clinching so far. Guevara coming in with some decent shots. Rodriguez's burst of energy is not maintained. I'm shading this one to Guevara. Guevara 10-9, Rodriguez 69-64

Round 8: Rodriguez back in control. Guevara not ramping it up like he might want to if he's really looking to win. Rodriguez has a nice jab. Tarver is right that Rodriguez may not be showing the sort of gear he might need against better opponents. Rodriguez 10-9, 79-73

Round 9: Rodriguez is well schooled and patient. That's what I like about him tonight. But there's not, I would agree, that next gear. But that could change, too, he's still 23 and learning and improving as a pro. Rodriguez 10-9, 89-82

Round 10: Rodriguez closing pretty well. Lands another couple of nice shots. Not much by way of action here, but a solid showing from a good prospect. Rodriguez 10-9, 99-91

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