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PBC on ESPN - Beterbiev vs Maderna: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

Artur Beterbiev returns against Ezequiel Maderna in tonight's PBC on ESPN main event.

Dave Nadkarni/Premier Boxing Champions

Tonight at 11 p.m. ET on ESPN, light heavyweight contender Artur Beterbiev puts his spotless record on the line in the main event against Ezequiel Maderna from the Bell Centre in Montreal, headlining another Premier Boxing Champions event.

BLH will have live round by round coverage this evening, with Wil Esco handling those duties for us.

Beterbiev (9-0, 9 KO) hasn't fought in a year, so there is at least some concern that he could have some ring rust. But he's also the heavy favorite against Argentina's Maderna (23-2, 15 KO), a decent fringe contender but nothing more so far in his career. Both are former Olympians, with Beterbiev easily the more accomplished amateur, as well.

In the co-feature, welterweight prospects Bryant Perrella (13-0, 12 KO) and David Grayton (14-0, 10 KO) do battle in a fight set for 10 rounds. It'll be a proving grounds meeting between two talented guys who have yet to step up.

For more on these fights, check out our preview.




JAMONTAY CLARK def. EDGAR ORTEGA by Unanimous Decision (58-55, 58-54, 58-54)





Round 1: Beterbiev comes out looking visibly bigger and stronger than Maderna. Beterbiev knocks Maderna off balance with a left hand. Beterbiev stalkks Maderna around the ring, exercising patience to start the fight. Hard right hand lands to the body for Beterbiev. It already clear that Maderna's power can't stand up to Beterbiev's. Hard jabs land for Beterbiev, followed by a right hand to the body, and another. Beterbiev 10-9.

Round 2: Beterbiev starts the round with a Golovkin-esque jab. Beterbiev drops Maderna with a punch to the back of the head, doesn't count as a knockdown but the damage is done. Beterbiev starts strafing Maderna along the ropes. Beterbiev goes back to the jab, mixes it up a little with Maderna to end the round. Beterbiev 10-9.

Round 3: Not much action to open the third round. Maderna lands a left hand and pivots off the the side. Beterbiev looking to catch and counter right now, but doesn't seem to be working out that well for him. Hard right hand lands for Beterbiev. BETERBIEV DROPS MADERNA WITH ANOTHER HARD RIGHT HAND! Maderna gets up but looks pretty hurt. Beterbiev flurries and Maderna goes back to the mat. Referee then deducts a point for Maderna spitting out his mouthpiece for a second time, trying to get more time. Beterbiev 10-6, 30-24.

Round 4: Maderna gets dropped again at the beginning of the round. Maderna gets back up but he's in bad shape. Beterbiev attacks and drops Maderna yet again who this time looks at his corner and asks them to stop the fight. Beterbiev TKO-4.


Round 1: Clark gets clipped with a right hand right out the gate. Ortega lands a jab to the body. Clark puts together a good three punch combination. Another right hand lands over the top for Ortega. Ortega drops Clark with a wide right hand! Clark gets up but seems slightly stiff legged. He makes it to the end of the round. Ortega 10-8.

Round 2: Clark comes out attacking to open the second but has a tendency to leave his chin high. Clark goes on the attack again and has Ortega righting off the ropes. Ortega lands a right hand counter in the exchange. Clark continues to apply the pressure, lands hard left, Ortega holds. Clark continues to let his hands go, relentlessly attacking. Clark 10-9.

Round 3: Clark comes out attacking again, shakes up Ortega with a couple of hard shots. Ortega is laying on the ropes now but he's taking some hard shots doing so. Hard left to the body lands for Clark. Ortega whiffs on two ridiculously sloppy hooks in the middle of the ring. Straight left hands for Clark. Ortega looks like he's fading fast. Clark 10-9, 28-28.

Round 4: Clark begins just like the last two rounds and jumps right on Ortega. Hard left hand lands for Ortega who continues to lay on the ropes, occasionally trying to land backa hard counters -- but he doesn't. Ortega rolls his ankle and takes a knee - counts as a knockdown. Ortega gets up but takes another left hand for his trouble. Ortega is tired and hurt. Clark 10-8.

Round 5: More of the same in this round. Ortega is immobile and Clark is landing straight lefts. Clark is on the attack again and the referee gets closer. Actions slows down and Ortega survives the moment. Ortega is clearly hobbled on that right left that he twisted, his leg buckling periodically. Ugly round, but Clark wins it. Clark 10-9, 48-45.

Round 6: Last round for the filler fight. Left hand lands again for Clark. Ortega laying back trying to catch Clark being too aggressive. It's all he really can do in his condition. Ortega doesn't look to be in great shape and he visibly injured his leg. Ortega misses with three big shots. Clark comes back with a jab, Ortega taunts him. Clark 10-9. BLH scores it for Clark, 58-54.


Round 1: Grayton comes out swinging, throwing a few sloppy shots. Perrella tries to establish distance but Grayton rushes in behind punches. Perrella lands a good left hand that catches the attention of the audience. Grayton rushes in again with a fight punch combination, targeting the head and body. Grayton is always looking pretty, but he brought it in the opening round. Grayton 10-9.

Round 2: Perrella lands a good left to open the round. It looks like this round Perrella is trying to respond to Grayton's early aggression and is coming right back after Grayton. Jab lands for Perrella, Grayton holds. Perrella scores a knockdown on what looks like was a grazing blow to the back of the head. Grayton gets up and doesn't look hurt. GRAYTON IS HURT NOW THOUGH AFTER SEVERAL SOLID SHOTS LAND FOR PARRELLA! Grayton is in big trouble! Referee steps in and waves it off after Grayton takes an onslaught and stumbles all over the ring. Parrella TKO-2.

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