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Ruslan Provodnikov excited for John Molina clash, eyes Crawford-Postol winner

Ruslan Provodnikov knows that this weekend's fight against John Molina will make for the exact type of fight that he loves, and eyes some bigger fights afterwards.

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Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Ruslan Provodnikov is squared-away to face John Molina this Saturday night on Showtime, and he's really looking forward to the action. I know there's been some naysayers about this fight, but I truthfully think it'll be a fun one for as long as it lasts. John Molina might be a faded fighter heading into this bout, but I've never seen him really box before, and I'm not sure that he can, which means once Provodnikov plows ahead like he always does, Molina will have to stand and fight him off whether he likes it or not.

Not only that, but Provodnikov himself has been through some pretty brutal battles in recent years, sporting a leaky defense that causes him to cut and bruise fairly easily. So if there's one thing I'm sure of: THERE WILL BE BLOOD! Join me for live coverage of the fight on Saturday evening -- we'll be talking power punches 'All Night Long' like the Mary Jane Girls.

So, looking forward to the impending war Provodnikov offers his thoughts on the Molina fight and the possibilities that might exist for him afterwards.

"I always do the best I can to finish a fight early," Provodnikov exclusively told World Boxing News.

"This fight against John Molina is the style of fight that I enjoy. It's toe to toe, power against power and character against character."

With a win over Molina, Provodnikov hopes that he can land some bigger fights at 140lbs, including a fight against Ricky Burns or perhaps the winner of Terence Crawford vs. Viktor Postol.

"I've always said I'm willing to fight anybody, but it's all about whether they want to fight me," he said. "Usually, we have a problem finding a fight but I'm open to fighting anybody, including the winner of Crawford v Postol."

But first things first...Provodnikov has to take care of business this weekend.

(P.S. Crawford and Postol are both terrible stylistic match-ups for you, Provodnikov. Be careful what you wish for.)

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