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Roberto Duran talks about fighting Chavez Sr, thoughts on Adrien Broner, and his new movie

Duran gives his take on a number of topics including his upcoming exhibition match against Julio Cesar Chavez Sr, Adrien Broner wanting to fight Floyd Mayweather, and his upcoming biopic.

Boxing legend Roberto Duran caught up with FightHype to talk about his upcoming exhibition match against Julio Cesar Chavez Sr, thoughts on Adrien Broner, and his new movie. Check out what he had to say!

On facing Chavez Sr. in an exhibition match:

"Well an exhibition doesn't mean a fight. It's only an exhibition. But I'm happy because Chavez is a great boxer, one of the best that Mexico has had and the world has had but so is Duran. So an exhibition is nothing but I want to tell Chavez not to go crazy because things will go bad for him."

On what would happen if he and Chavez Sr. met in their primes:

"With all due respect to Chavez, Chavez knows that I was much smarter, stronger, quicker, with a bigger punch, a better everything. It's the truth and Chavez knows this. Chavez always says I'm the best, I'm his champion and he is mine as well. But Chavez knows that this would be very bad for him with Duran. He couldn't go with Duran. I was a very strong boxer, I could hit, I could take a hit, I had a lot of resources that Chavez doesn't have. And that's the truth without any disrespect to Chavez."

On Adrien Broner saying he would like to fight Floyd Mayweather:

"I don't remember who Broner is, frankly...

[After being prompted]

"The one Maidana beat? Oh that clown! No man, that guy no. That's not serious. He wants to fight who? No man, Mayweather was at his last fight in [D.C]...No, Mayweather schools him. The problem with that little fighter is that he thinks he's a macho man, a superman, but that guy can't take a punch. Mayweather beats him easy, with no problems."

On his movie Hands of Stone coming out in August:

"Well I'm happy because the movie is supporting boxing and I feel very happy with life because I never thought they would make a movie about Roberto Duran. And let me tell you, I'm very happy. Very, very happy.

"Robert De Niro, Robert Blaine, a lot of good actors so the movie will be extraordinary but I haven't seen it yet. A lot of movies coming out about boxing doesn't do anything for me because in these movies nothing really happens and it doesn't mean anything to me. Like Raging Bull, movies that don't say anything. Well, Raging Bull says more about boxing than any other movie made."

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