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Kell Brook: I'm a beast at middleweight

Welterweight titlist Kell Brook says he's growing with confidence everyday and that fighting at middleweight will only make him more dangerous.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

While many boxing observers are fearing for Kell Brook's health as he prepares to jump two weight classes to take on a monstrous puncher in Gennady Golovkin, he's starting to brim with confidence. That's because Brook says he'll be completely sturdy at 160lbs without needing to drain himself down to the welterweight limit where he normally campaigns. Speaking with Sky Sports, Brook shared his thoughts on the fight:

"If you ask any of my sparring partners when I get down to that natural weight of 160lbs, I'm a beast. I'm a different animal. When I'm a middleweight in training, I'm a different animal. What it takes for me to get down to 147lbs is really hard. Anyone who knows me will tell you."

Brook, who is often reported to balloon up in weight between fights, believes that not having force his body down to 147lbs is going to be a real difference maker for him, allowing him to fight at optimal condition. He even says he'll shock people by matching Golovkin's size and power fighting at the middleweight limit, proving to be an intimidating foe.

"I'm going to be frightening on fight night. As crazy as it sounds, I'm looking forward to feeling his power. I just can't wait to get in. We're making history in this fight. Nobody at 147lbs will step in with me or if they're talking, they're pricing themselves out."

Brook says that despite past criticism that he wouldn't step up to take tough fights, well, here he is, and he's running right towards this dangerous fight so that he can show the world just what he's capable of -- much like his idol Sugar Ray Robinson.

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