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PBC on FS1 - Prescott vs. Ghvamichava: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

Malcolm McAllister vs. Gilberto Pereira and Thomas Hill vs. Mark Hernandez round out the main card.

Patrick Stumberg is a freelance writer for SB Nation, first joining the network in 2011 before linking up with Bad Left Hook in 2015.

It's Toe-to-Toe Tuesday once again, and that means it's time to stay up way too late in the middle of the week to watch boxing. The feature attraction tonight pits Colombian veteran Breidis Prescott against Georgian bruiser Levan Ghvamichava in a welterweight showdown, while rising knockout artist Malcolm McAliister faces Gilberto Pereira and young unbeatens Thomas Hill and Mark Hernandez open the show against one another.

Prescott's (29-7, 21 KO) career since his 2008 knockout of Amir Khan has basically been a long string of "almost." He knocked down but ultimately dropped decisions to Miguel Vazquez and Paul McCloskey, had Mike Alvarado all but beaten before a tenth-round comeback knockout, and most recently was a blown knockdown call away from giving Fredrick Lawson his first loss.

Interestingly, he is Ghavimichava's third planned opponent after Felix Diaz stepped in against Sammy Vasquez and Domonique Dolton got cut in training.

Ghvamichava (16-2-1, 12 KO) fought four competitive rounds with Sergey Lipinets in his last bout before eating a murderous body shot in the fifth that snapped a seven-fight unbeaten streak. He looked pretty damn entertaining against the Russian and Prescott's only been stopped once, so there's a good chance this winds up being a fun scrap.

Quick results and round-by-round coverage below.


Levan Ghvamichava def. Breidis Prescott by TKO at 2:37 of Round Seven

Mark Hernandez def. Thomas Hill by unanimous decision (79-72, 78-73, 77-74)

Malcolm McAllister def. Gilberto Pereira by retirement at 3:00 of Round Seven


Breidis Prescott vs. Levan Ghvamichava

Round one: Prescott starts to the body. Good right by the Colombian, then another to the body. Double left hook. Ghvamichava with a jab upstairs. One minute in. Ghvamichava lands a hook as they exchange. Shovel hook lands for him. Prescott sticking out a long jab. Right hand and body shot by Ghvamichava. 1-2-3. Prescott digs downstairs. One minute to go. Ghvamichava to the body. Good left hook from Ghvamichava before the bell. 10-9 Prescot.

Round two: Ghvamichava working his jab in the early going. Prescott goes to the body. They exchange in the center, Ghvamichava gets the better of it. Prescott digs a right downstairs. They trade hooks downstairs. 1-2 by Ghvamichava. Uppercut and left hook land. Ghvamichava lands a right hand and body shot. Nice exchange on the ropes, again favoring Ghvamichava. Ghvamichava runs him down and Prescott trips, no knockdown. One minute to go. Left hook by Ghvamichava. Still working behind his jab, lead right connects. Prescott still pounding the body. 10-9 Ghvamichava, 19-19.

Round three: Prescott lands a stiff jab early. 1-2 by Ghvamichava. They trade in the center. Nice uppercut by Prescott. One minute in. Left hook exchange. They jab one another. Prescott to the body, eats a right upstairs. Again to the body. Right hand up top. Ghvamichava left hook. One minute to go. Very close round. Prescott to the body, eats a sharp cross inside. Heavy left hook and right cross by Ghvamichava, who eats a body shot before the bell. 10-9, 29-28 Ghvamichava.

Round four: They continue to trade in the center. Prescott warned for a low blow in a four-piece combo. One minute in. Left hook from Prescott, 1-2 form Ghvamichava in return. Ghvamichava with a three-piece combo. They trade hard right hands. Ghvamichava answers a body shot with another right upstairs. 2-1 by Prescott. One minute to go. Ghvamichava forces him back, then lands a 3-2 that sends him to a knee. Prescott beats the count and they trade huge shots until the bell. 10-8, 39-36 Ghvamichava.

Round five: Good 1-2 by Prescott early on. Ghvamichava lands a left hook, then one to the body. Jab exchange. Prescott to the body. lands a left hook, then one to the body. digs to the body. 1-1-2 by lands a left hook, then one to the body. Lead right lands for Prescott. One minute to go. Lead right by the Georgian. Uppercut lands.  They trade good shots in the center. Nasty left uppercut and right hands. Prescott comes back, but gets rattled with a left hook. 10-9, 49-45 Ghvamichava.

Round six: Double left hook by Prescott. Stiff left by Ghvamichava, then a right as Prescott retreats. Another good right hand near the ropes. Prescott eats some jabs, comes back with a hook. One minute in. Prescott eats a four-piece, shakes his head. Left hook by Prescott. Right hand by the Colombian. One minute to go. Ghvamichava on the advance, lands a straight right. He's winning the jab battle. Prescott lands a double jab as I type that. To the body, Ghvamichava comes back with a three-piece. 10-9, 59-54 Ghvamichava.

Round seven: Ghvamichava still on the advance, winning the majority of the exchanges. Solid shots inside and Prescott may be hurt. Ghvamichava pursues patiently. One minute in. 1-2-3. BIG left hook and Prescott teeters to the ground. He beats the counter without much room to spare. Ghvamichava throwing hard and Prescott slinging heat in return. Ghvamichava shoves him down and he's slow to rise. One minute to go. Right hand hurts Prescott. He's brave as can be but his legs are not there. Again he stumbles to the mat, no knockdown. Ghvamichava storms after him and plugs him with a combination that sends the ref into action.

Final result: Ghvamichava def. Prescott by TKO

Thomas Hill vs. Mark Hernandez

Round one: They take the center and launch jabs at one another. Good exchanges in the early going. Hill to the body. Good right hand from Hill, then a left hook up top. One minute in. Both go to the body on the inside, clinch. More inside engagements, clinch. One minute to go. Double left hook by Hill, overhand right met by a Hernandez uppercut. Lead right lands for Hernandez. Hill to the body. Good left hook. Hill's getting the better of these exchanges thus far. 10-9 HIll.

Round two: Hernandez with a right to the body. Clinch. Good right hand connects. Nice counters and they trade shots. Hill rips to the body inside. One minute in. Lead left hook by Hernandez, heavy flurry by Hill in return. One minute to go. Clinch. Hill to the body. Hernandez with an uppercut downstairs. Right hooks to the body. Clinch. 10-9 Hernandez, 19-19.

Round three: They get right in there and trade heavy shots. Nice left hooks by Hernandez. One minute in. Hernandez now landing the better shots. Clinch. Hernandez digs a right downstairs. Hill goes low-high. Nice counter right by Hernandez as Hill opens up. One minute to go. Counter left by Hernandez, then a sneaky uppercut. Clinch. Clinch. Hernandez sneaks in a counter uppercut and they trade until the bell. 10-9, 29-28 Hernandez.

Round four: Clinch early. 1-2-3 by Hernandez, Hill goes to the body. Hill again digs downstairs, heavy left hook upstairs. Another left hook as Hernandez leans down. 1-2-3 from Hernandez. One minute in. Body shots now. Good left hook by Hill. Hernandez with a low-high combination inside. Starting to regain some ground. Good right hand downstairs from Hernandez. One minute to go. Hernandez with a right downstairs and left hook upstairs. Heavy counter right as Hill dings the body. They trade body blows near the ropes. 10-9, 39-37 Hernandez.

Round five: More solid exchanges to start the fifth round. Clinch. Hill still looking to dig to the body. Good exchange in the corner. One minute in. Hill lands better to the body. Uppercut by Hernandez. Straight right by Hernandez, body shots by Hill. Right to the body by Hernandez. One minute to go. Hernandez with an uppercut and left hook. Right to the body, left hook upstairs. Hill continues punishing the midsection. Clinch. Hill again dings the body before the bell. 10-9 Hill, 48-47 Hernandez.

Round six: Hill coming on strong, digging hard to the body. Hernandez landing in return, though not with the same kind of volume. Clinch. 1-2 from Hernandez. They trade body shots, Hernandez with a left hook up top. One minute in. Hernandez left hook. They continue to exchange inside. They're warned for low blows. One minute to go. Clinch. Hernandez digs a right downstairs. Again. Good left hook upstairs. Hill looks to come back with body blows. Hernandez lands an overhand right and left hook, forcing Hill to the ropes. Good shots by Hernandez. 10-9, 58-56 Hernandez.

Round seven: Hernandez looking a lot stronger now, connecting well in the first thirty seconds. Left hook from Hernandez as Hill forces him back. Hill slams home a hard low blow and Hernandez doubles over. The replay seems to exonerate Hill, but the referee takes a point. One minute in. Left hook by Hernandez on the restart. Hill with a hard right hand. They trade some ridiculous shots. Hill's forcing him back. Clinch. Left hook exchange. Clinch. One minute to go. Hernandez with a right downstairs. Again, left hook after it. Hill goes downstairs, eats a left hook. Good combination by Hernandez. Hill lands a left hook, then a right downstairs. Close round. 9-9 with the point deduction. 67-65 Hernandez.

Round eight: They get right back to trading inside. It still looks like Hernandez is landing the better shots of the two. Hill still game. Right hand by Hernandez, Hill to the body. One minute in. Hill right hand, Hernandez left hook. Good uppercut by "Madman." Lead right connects. Hernandez with a nice series of combinations. One minute to go. Clinch. Hill to the body, clinch. Hernandez plodding forward, they trade on the ropes. Hill lands a sharp right as they trade. Hernandez answers in kind before the bell. 10-9, 77-74 Hernandez.

Final result: Hernandez def. Hill by unanimous decision

Malcolm McAllister vs. Gilberto Pereira

Round one: Hard jab by McAllister kicks off a heavy low-high combo. Pereira comes back with a body shot. Right hand from the Brazilian. McAllister on the counter. One minute in. McAllister to the body and they exchange. Pereira to the body, clinch. McAllister goes to the body and Pereira answers in kind. One minute to go. More body blows from the American. He's definitely the cleaner puncher. Good right as they separate. 10-9 McAllister.

Round two: Early jabs from McAllister and a two-piece to the body. Pereira throws, eats a counter right. He's active, but his punches are a lot sloppier than McAllister's. Thumping right hook connects for McAllister. Pereira lands a left upstairs, eats a body shot in return. 2-3 from the Brazilian and he complains of a headbutt. McAllister sends some shots through his guard. Hard left hooks by the Brazilian, then to the body. One minute to go. Right to the body stings Pereira and a left hook slips through. Nice lead uppercut. Right straight through the guard. Another one. Thumping hook to the body before the bell. 10-9, 20-18 McAllister.

Round three: McAllister comes out throwing, forcing Pereira back to the ropes. The Brazilian briefly ties up. Clinch, Pereira warned for low blows. One minute in. Pereira with some solid blows on the ropes. McAllister sneaks in a right hook and uppercut, then pivots to return to the center. McAllister probing with the jab. One minute to go. Pereira whiffs on a left hook. Right hook slips around Pereira's guard. They trade right hands. Pereira cracks him with an overhand right and left hook before the bell. Better round for the Brazilian, but 10-9, 30-27 McAllister.

Round four: Cuffing right hook lands for McAllister. Left hook to the body, Pereira intercepts the next shot with a left hook of his own. Pereira backs him to the corner and they traded. Left hooks by the Brazilian. Counter right by Mcallister, one minute in. McAllister digs a right downstairs. Pereira digs to the body, then gets scrambles by a straight right. McAllister rips to the body in return and Pereira waves him on. Body shots by Pereira, counter right by Mcallister. Solid blows by Pereira on the ropes. McAllister digs some uppercuts through his guard. One minute to go. They tie up and McAllister drills him with a cross inside. 1-2 by McAllister. Counter right before the bell. 10-9, 40-36 McAllister.

Round five: Right hand lands for Pereira. McAllister goes to the body and they trade inside. McAllister's landing the bigger shots by a fair margin. Left hands by Pereira and McAllister visibly shakes his head afterwards. One minute in. McAllister's landing some heavy shots, but taking far more punches than is prudent. Pereira digs away at the body. McAllister backs him off with a heavy right cross. One minute to go. Overhand right by Pereira in the corner. Pereira backs him to the ropes and lands some headshots. McAllister cracks him with some point-blank missiles in return until the bell. 10-9, 50-45 McAllister.

Round six: McAllister digs to the body, clinch. Left hook by Pereira. Sharp right uppercut and McAllister opens up in the phone booth. McAllister doing very well on the inside. One minute in. Right hand by McAllister, Pereira thumps to the body in return. Pereira loses a point for repeated low blows, having been warned before. 1-1-2 from Mcallister on the restart. Uppercut, straight right. McAllister as composed as ever. Good right hands inside. One minute to go. Clinch. Nice body shot-uppercut combo from McAllister. Clinch. Pereira muscles him to the ropes and lands a few left hooks. 10-8, 60-53 McAllister with the point deduction.

Round seven: Pereira still coming forward and landing to the body, but he hasn't even dinged McAllister yet and he's getting hit with some nasty punches. Big uppercuts by McAllister, who's just bulling his way forward and bashing away on the inside. One minute in. Double left hook and 1-2 by Pereira. clinch. More close-range engagements. One minute to go. Pereira forces him to the ropes and looks to unload, only to eat a heavy series of combinations. McAllister shrugs off a left hook to continue the attack. Pereira spits out his mouthpiece to get a reprieve. 10-9, 70-62 McAllister.

Pereira and his corner have had enough.

Final result: McAllister def. Pereira by RTD

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