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Deontay Wilder talks Chris Arreola fight and wanting to unify heavyweight division

Deontay Wilder talks to the media about his upcoming fight and the heavyweight division.

WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder holds a media scrum to talk about a number of topics including his upcoming fight against Chris Arreola and Europeans fighters getting busted for PEDs.

Deontay Wilder on if he expects Chris Arreola to try to fight him on the inside:

"This is Chris Arreola we're talking about so that's all he knows...all he knows is pressure, which I don't understand why these fighters, every time they face me, they feel pressure is the blueprint to me - which it is not. All my career I've been fighting on the back feet. I'm one of the best heavyweights in the world that can fight on his back feet. Actually that is an advantage for me...but with boxing it takes more than just pressuring a fighter. What happens when a fighter uses angles on you....or my legs are long so his one step is two steps to mine, so now you just playing cat and dog - chase."

On if it would be impressive if he knocks out Arreola since Wladimir Klitschko couldn't:

"Not really because he's already been knocked out by somebody else so with that being said, that's already done...But you already know me, when it comes to Deontay Wilder, they come to look for the knockouts and that's what I do, that's what I deliver. The thing that separates me from other heavyweights is the fashion that I knock guys out in. I don't just knock you out, I really knock you out to a point where it's life threatening.

"I told [Bermane] Stiverne I was going to beat him within an inch of his life, and I did everything I said I done. With the Szpilka fight, I thought I killed him..."

On how quick he'd like to fight again after facing Arreola:

"This has been my longest time away from the ring right here. After this you can expect me back in the ring in two more months or so, or shorter than that. The thing about it, for me, I can get out of my bed and go to the gym and just spar or do whatever. Personally, I don't even have to train and I can fight because I got a God ability to do that - not everybody can do that...certain things in the gym I do that regular fighters don't do. But I don't tell them that because I don't want them to get away from what they're supposed to do because what God got for me is for me, it's ain't for nobody else. So what I can do everybody else can't do.

"And my brother's a witness to that, he'll tell you right now. I don't run a day in my life. I can't say I run miles of roadwork because I don't, I don't have to, I'm blessed to be able to still have stamina..."

On a potential title unification fight by the end of the year:

"Hopefully. You know the way things are going, people are saying a lot of things about the Europeans but they are the main ones getting caught for PEDs and stuff like that. Now you got [Tyson] Fury, they talking about him being on PEDs and now they holding that fight up with Klitschko. And if the allegations comes true that he's on PEDs, now the belts are split three more different ways. It's good for the federation but it's bad for me because my main goal is to unify the division. I think I'm the only fighter that sees the big picture of unifying. If you want mega fights, if you want boxing to be back at its very top peak, as dealing with a heavyweight, you gotta have one face, one name, one champion - and it's Deontay Wilder.

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