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Terence Crawford's trainer plans to warn referee of Viktor Postol's roughhouse tactics

Trainer Brian McIntyre says he plans to bring what he sees as excessive holding and elbows tactics coming from Viktor Postol to the referee's attention before the fight.

Elsa/Getty Images

Neither Terence Crawford nor his trainer Brian McIntyre would just come out and call Viktor Postol a dirty fighter, but McIntyre did say plans on having a discussion with referee Tony Weeks about concerns over excessive holding and elbows. Here's what he said to

"We sat down and we talked about it," McIntyre said on a conference call on Wednesday. "And we're going to make sure that (referee) Tony Weeks knows that we're very concerned about all that extra stuff that he does in the ring."

Crawford, who intently watched film on Postol's last big win over Lucas Matthysse, said he noticed a lot of roughhouse tactics coming from Postol in that fight, something they believe to be his modus operandi. But even despite those tactics, Crawford says he'll just do what he normally does.

"I'll just be myself," he said. "Stay relaxed, stay composed and just do what we've been working on in camp. I just hope the referee notices it and does what he has to do to take action to make sure those types of things don't happen during the whole fight."

Crawford and Postol are scheduled to fight in a 140lb title unification bout on HBO PPV, July 23.

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