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Danny Garcia: Keith Thurman has nothing I can’t handle

Danny Garcia gives his thoughts on Keith Thurman, Wilder-Arreola, and more.

On Deontay Wilder vs Chris Arreola

"I think it’s a good fight. Chris always comes to fight. Wilder’s the favorite. I’m just looking forward to seeing a good fight. ... I just hope both guys are safe and have a good night of boxing. I know both guys, I don’t wanna -- I’m biased. But I’m calling the fight, so I’m calling it how it is."

On his return to the ring

"We’re looking at maybe September. I don’t know (who) yet. Whoever."

On Keith Thurman calling him out

"What can I say? I’m handsome. Everybody wants to dance with somebody who’s handsome. But it’s all about timing. All the fights are gonna come. When it happens, I’m gonna be victorious."

On Thurman’s win over Shawn Porter

"We’re still looking, but I’m pretty sure in the next couple of weeks you’re gonna hear something. It’s gonna be a great fight, whoever I fight."

"I thought it was a good fight. You could tell both fighters know each other a lot. They didn’t respect each other. That’s why it was a good fight. They didn’t respect each other. They knew each others styles from sparring before. There was no respect, that’s why it was a good fight."

"I had Thurman winning, 7-5. There was two or three rounds in there Porter was winning, then he got hit with some bombs at the end, so you couldn’t give him the round. But he outworked him and outlanded him, but the cleaner, effective punches were by Thurman. That’s why I gave it to him."

"You couldn’t be mad if it had been a draw. Both fighters fought their heart out. It was a good fight. I think the difference was the clean, effective shots. Both fighters got hit a lot. Keith Thurman said he won because his defense was better, but Shawn Porter actually landed more punches. I don’t think that was the key, I think it was just clean, effective punches."

On Thurman telling Garcia to sign a contract

"They all say that. Like I said, I think that fight’s gonna definitely happen. Not next, because I’m scheduled to fight, he just fought, so it can’t happen. But maybe end of the year, early next year, maybe the middle of next year. It’s all about timing."

On a potential fight with Thurman

"I think it’s a great matchup for me. I’ve been in several world title fights. I’ve been in there with so many different styles. I’ve been in there with punchers, boxers, and he don’t have nothing I can’t handle. He don’t have nothing I can’t handle. When I seen him and Porter fight, it was a great fight, but I just seen two fighters fighting hard. I didn’t see nothing special. I just seen two guys fighting hard. It was a great fight, taking nothing away from them. But I didn’t see anything special. It was just two guys fighting their heart out."

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