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Rigondeaux vs Dickens: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

Guillermo Rigondeaux and Terry Flanagan defend world titles, and Liam Williams faces Gary Corcoran in a big domestic showdown.

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

This afternoon in Cardiff, Wales, super bantamweight champion Guillermo Rigondeaux returns to the ring for the first time since November, defending his WBA title against British champion Jazza Dickens. Live coverage on BoxNation (UK) will begin at 1 p.m. ET.

Rigondeaux (16-0, 10 KO) has fought just two times in the last two years. He parted ways with Top Rank and is now with Roc Nation, who promoted him for his last bout, a win over Drian Francisco on the Cotto-Canelo card. Dickens (22-1, 7 KO) is a massive underdog here, but has won his last six fights.


Liam Williams (14-0-1, 9 KO) will defend the British and Commonwealth junior middleweights titles against Gary Corcoran (15-0, 6 KO), and Terry Flanagan (30-0, 12 KO) will defend the WBO lightweight title against Mzonke Fana (38-9, 16 KO). Also in action will be welterweight Bradley Skeete (23-1, 10 KO), as he’ll faces Alexandre Lepelley (19-6-1, 4 KO), and middleweight Tommy Langford (16-0, 5 KO), taking on Timo Laine (15-6, 4 KO).

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Liam Williams def. Gary Corcoran by TKO (2:11 of round 11)

Guillermo Rigondeaux def. Jazza Dickens by TKO (after round 2)

Terry Flanagan def. Mzonke Fana by unanimous decision (120-106, 120-106, 120-106)

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Round 1: Corcoran boxing to start, Williams the aggressor, and Williams has a cut on the nose in the first two minutes. Corcoran using his jab a bit, keeping range, boxing nicely so far, but Williams is coming forward and lands a good left hand. Yeah, this is chippy. Terry O’Connor trying to take control with 33 seconds left in the round, gives them both a telling off. Right hand from Williams, Corcoran is wobbled hard and nearly goes down! Corcoran held up by the ropes there, should have been called a knockdown. Williams 10-9

Round 2: Williams fighting with real confidence, moving forward, jabbing. Corcoran trying to box. Williams' jab working nicely this round, and he's trying to follow it up. Williams has pretty good handspeed. Williams 10-9, 20-18

Round 3: Right now it's about seeing if Corcoran can find something to stop Williams' forward march, which is being done effectively behind a jab, too. Corcoran with a little right hand. Apparently there's a crowd fight. Williams with a right hand inside, Corcoran may be getting broken down here. Williams has heavy hands. Right hand lands again. He's getting to Corcoran consistently. Williams 10-9, 30-27

Round 4: Corcoran's corner tells him to take Williams into deep waters. Clash of heads and Corcoran is cut outside the left eye. Fight stopped to take a look at the cut, but doctor allowing it to continue for now. The tenor of the fight has certainly changed because of the cut. Corcoran trying to land something big. Corcoran being warned quite a bit, might lose a point sooner than later. Williams 10-9, 40-36

Round 5: Corcoran working hard, but Williams' power jab is dictating much of this fight. I think Corcoran had a slightly better round here, though. He's staying in this fight, and it could be 3-2 for Williams, or 5-0 for Williams. Corcoran 10-9, Williams 49-46

Round 6: Williams outworking Corcoran this round. Fight not going to another level, though. Has sort of plateaued at where it is. Williams 10-9, 59-55

Round 7: Corcoran trying to jab more again, working to the body a bit. He's also grabbing a lot inside, but, well, it's effective right now. Corcoran's corner are confident that as this fight wears on, Williams will fade, and they've gotten to the second half. Corcoran doing some good body work now, too. That could help push Williams past the limit. Corcoran making a good stand this round, working hard and doing some good stuff. Corcoran 10-9, Williams 68-65

Round 8: Things getting desperate here for Corcoran, as O'Connor takes a point from him in the first minute. Not sure why, but Corcoran has been warned repeatedly, too. Williams trying to get his jab going again. Corcoran is working very hard again this round, though. He's working hard enough that he's winning this round, and probably making it at least even with the deduction, but Williams lands a hard right and a hook late, and tries to steal the round. Corcoran 10-9, -1 for Corcoran, Williams 77-74

Round 9: Another scrappy round, Williams landing the better shots but Corcoran still throwing a bunch when he gets in range. He's trying hard, but when Williams lands clean, it's clear he's the more effective puncher. Williams 10-9, 87-83

Round 10: Corcoran had a potential window, but it's closing. Williams landing good shots still, enough to cancel out the grittier work Corcoran is doing. Blatant headbutt at the end of the round that O'Connor ignores. Williams 10-9, 97-92

Round 11: Corcoran's right hand finding home this round, Williams lands a good left hook. Big shot and Williams goes down with 1:40 left in the round! Corcoran just got too aggressive and got caught. Williams trying to finish this fight at center ring. Corcoran stumbles, not a knockdown, but his legs are gone. Williams wildly brawling, leaning him against the ropes. Corcoran trying to survive, right hand lands, and referee stops it! Williams TKO-11


Round 1: Well, let's see what Rigondeaux does here. Rigondeaux just looking at him for the first two minutes, seeing what Dickens might want to do. Rigondeaux lands a shot late. Rigondeaux 10-9

Round 2: Rigo with a sharp left early in this round, doesn't follow up at all. Dickens lands a left, a little wild, but he landed it. Rigondeaux doing nothing, waiting for Dickens, Dickens doing nothing. Nothing is nothing. Look at this "fight." LOOK AT IT. But wait, Rigondeaux has broken Dickens' jaw with his one punch. Fight is stopped after the round. Rigondeaux TKO-2


Round 1: Flanagan working a little bit to start here, Fana with him and landing about as much as Flanagan is for the first two minutes. Fana jabbing to the body, dipping in and moving around, not presenting a still target for Flanagan, who misses a wide left. Flanagan complains that Fana is leading with his head. Flanagan 10-9

Round 2: Not much of a fight so far. Fana trying to move around and stay out of Flanagan's range, but not landing much himself. Neither is Flanagan, though. Nobody establishing a rhythm yet, but Flanagan lands a couple pot shots. Flanagan 10-9, 20-18

Round 3: This fight reeks so far. Fana being just awkward enough to make the fight suck along with being a garbage title fight. Flanagan trying to up the tempo some, but not having a ton of success. Fana catching him with right hands now and then. Fana 10-9, Flanagan 29-28

Round 4: Flanagan catches Fana right after the 4th stands, knockdown ruled. Flanagan now just bulling his way forward, landing shots. Flanagan cut near the right eye, under the eye, but he's just charging forward and winging shots at this point, he doesn't care. Fana trying to hang on, and he looks like he might get through this round. Thank goodness! Need more of this gem. Flanagan 10-8, 39-36

Round 5: Back to what we saw in the first three rounds. Flanagan landing a few shots, Fana leaping forward with an occasional right hand. Dull action. Flanagan 10-9, 49-45

Round 6: Terrible fight. Fana might be winning this round. I'll give it to him. I don't care. This is crap. Fana 10-9, Flanagan 58-55

Round 7: Flanagan landed an uppercut this round that was pretty good. I'm grasping here. Flanagan 10-9, 68-64

Round 8: Flanagan catches Fana with a clean left hand early in the round, and he's pressing again, but Fana is surviving. Flanagan not finding the finish. I had so much hope, all gone. Flanagan 10-9, 78-73

Round 9: Flanagan stays in control. Flanagan 10-9, 88-82

Round 10: Flanagan clips Fana again early, but doesn't really press. This is a flat performance from Flanagan, an annoying sort of performance from Fana, and that's a bad mix. Flanagan 10-9, 98-91

Round 11: One thing to say is, Flanagan clearly knows this is not his best work, and he's not happy about it. Flanagan 10-9, 108-100

Round 12: Halfway into this round, Flanagan pops him with a clean shot, and Fana's glove appears to touch the canvas, knockdown ruled. Flanagan throwing punches in bunches again, trying to finish, and again, Fana is able to move just enough to avoid getting caught again. He's apparently going to make it through 12 here. Flanagan 10-8, 118-108

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