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Parker vs Haumono: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

Joseph Parker takes on Solomon Haumono this morning in New Zealand.

The fights are underway in New Zealand, and BLH will be here shortly with live, round-by-round coverage of the main event, as heavyweight star Joseph Parker returns against veteran puncher Solomon Haumono.

Parker (19-0, 16 KO) is coming off of a career-best win over Carlos Takam, and can reasonably considered a top ten heavyweight at this point. The 24-year-old also has an IBF title shot in his near future if he can win today. If he’s successful, the plan is likely to have him face Anthony Joshua by the end of 2016, in what would be a big fight for both men.

Haumono (24-2-2, 21 KO) is a 40-year-old slugger, 16 years a pro, and has won four straight against lesser opposition. He’s not considered a genuine threat to Parker in this fight, but he’s got some heavy hands, and that alone makes him at least somewhat dangerous in this fight.

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Joseph Parker def. Solomon Haumono by KO (1:35 of round 4)

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Round 1: Parker flicking his jab out to start, Haumono stalking with his hands high and dipping down a bit. Haumono avoids a long right, misses with a bit of a lunging hook, then misses an overhand right, but he's the guy coming forward. Parker feeling him out, still poking the jab out. Parker clinching when Haumono gets close to him near the ropes, which is, you know, smart. Haumono starting to loosen up as the round goes on, showing a bit more real aggression, throwing shots, but missing. Parker holding again. Parker misses a right, but a left hook behind it does clip Haumono on the chin. Another clinch. Lead right uppercut scrapes Parker. Parker 10-9

Round 2: Still kind of a meandering pace, Parker playing it safe, Haumono moving forward but not doing a lot. Really nothing much happening at all in this round. Haumono not finding success, but Parker not exactly grabbing it by the throat yet, either. Parker 10-9, 20-18

Round 3: Parker landing a bit more now, starting to throw punches behind the jab, and lead with uppercuts from safe range. Good right from Parker lands, Haumono eats it and lands one in return. Haumono really showing no fear here, which is making for a decent enough experience. Parker 10-9, 30-27

Round 4: Parker starting to look comfortable now. BOOM! Down goes Haumono 1:20 into the round! And the referee counts 10 before Haumono gets up. Haumono doesn't argue. Parker KO-4

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