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Danny Garcia: Golovkin-Brook doesn't make sense to me

WBC welterweight champion Danny Garcia says he doesn't want to hear any more criticism of his selection of opponents after Golovkin-Brook.

Danny Garcia catches up with FightHub to talk give his thoughts on the Gennady Golovkin-Kell Brook fight. Here's what he had to say!

On his thoughts about Gennady Golovkin facing Kell Brook at 160lbs:

"Look...if middleweights can fight welterweights I don't wanna hear about who I fight no more! Stay off my Instagram page, stay off my Twitter, stay off my Snapchat, stay off my website, stay off everything. If middleweights can fight welterweights I don't want to hear about who Danny Garcia's fighting, because Danny Garcia fought nothing but nobody in his weight. I only had one fight that wasn't on my weight class and that was the Rod Salka fight, and I got so much heat for that fight. But he fought at 130 and 140 before in the beginning of his career. So he did fight at 140 before, so I don't wanna hear none of that no more. Go on somebody else's page with that."

On the Golovkin-Brook match-up itself:

"If it was at like 154, then I would be like 'it's a good fight.' It is a good fight but I seen the press conference, the pictures, the size was gotta hit that dude with the kitchen sink. But Brook has the skill but I don't know, man. It don't make sense for a middleweight champion of the world to fight a welterweight champion of the world. It is a business but it don't make sense to me."

On if Brook has a chance to win the fight:

"Oh it's boxing, anybody has a know [Brook] has to be crafty in there, stay away from the power, get him frustrated, wrap him up, make it an ugly fight, and just find a way...To be honest with you, I've never seen too much o Brook, the most I've ever seen is when he fought Shawn Porter, and he handled Shawn Porter pretty good, pretty easy -- I wouldn't say easy but he handled him. But I've never really seen him fight another top fighter so to jump up to middleweight, I don't know man, I wish the best for him, I hope no one gets hurt, I hope he don't get hurt, and I hope it's just a good fight."

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