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Freddie Roach says Adrien Broner and Danny Garcia are scared of Pacquiao

Trainer Freddie Roach gives some thoughts on the upcoming Crawford-Postol fight and says Broner and Garcia are "full of sh*t"

Freddie Roach catches up with FightHub after the final Crawford-Postol presser to talk about his thoughts on the fight and to refute claims about Adrien Broner and Danny Garcia being willing to face Manny Pacquiao. Check it out!

On the most important thing Viktor Postol has to do to beat Terence Crawford:

"Just box I think, and use his jab. Set everything up, which is something he does naturally anyway, but he's got a great let hand and he's got a lot of power in the right hand now - he's sitting down on the power shots and he's more of a complete fighter now. And he's not the same Ukraine fighter that Bob [Arum] talks about in there. He's a much better boxer than that...I was so impressed with him that I took him to the Philippines with me one time to work with Manny Pacquiao for one of his fights and Postol is a complete fighter. Crawford is a very good fighter, he is, but I think we're better."

On Postol appearing to be taller and longer than Crawford and what role that might play in the fight:

"Yeah, that's gonna play out really well for us. And I think Crawford will have a little bit more trouble trying to get to us, trying to get inside. And when I sent Viktor to the buffet this morning to get a little breakfast I saw Terence Crawford coming out of the sauna, so I wonder who's having trouble making weight."

On what extra motivation Postol might have after becoming a new father:

"It will give him a lot of motivation, his wife having twins, he's away from home and so forth, and he felt bad that he couldn't be there and so forth, but he'll give them the biggest present possible if he wins this fight.

On the talk about the winner of Crawford-Postol facing Manny Pacquiao and when Pacquiao told him he wanted to fight again:

"He told me like the day after his last fight. So it's no surprise."

On other names surrounding the next Pacquiao fight, including Adrien Broner and Danny Garcia:

"Where else in the world can either of those guys make $4M at least?! I mean, they're full of shit, they're scared of Manny, that's all there is to it. So we're getting closer and closer to an opponent right now and if Crawford wins this fight he could be the next one of course, but if Postol [wins] I'll keep Postol at 140 and Manny will stay at 147."

On Danny Garcia saying he should've been offered a lot more money for a Pacquiao fight than he is making now:

"His promoter Haymon was involved in the negotiations and they're the ones that came up with the figure, I mean Haymon and Bob did, so I think Haymon knows what he's making because he's the one paying him. So I don't think he's making more money than [what was offered]."

On Keith Thurman saying he's willing to take the offer Broner and Garcia declined:

"It's a good fight, I like Thurman - he's a good fighter, tough guy. That's a fight I would definitely say yes to, no problem. Bob hasn't offered me that fight yet, though. So no word from Bob at least, but Thurman - thanks for coming out."

On if he would be happy with Pacquiao facing Jessie Vargas or if he would like a bigger name:

"I wanted [Danny] Garcia because I think Manny would destroy him, and outbox him, but he's a little bit dangerous though - a pretty good puncher. That's the fight I always wanted but, you know, really Manny wants Mayweather one more time..."

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