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Crawford vs. Postol: Brian McIntyre's media roundtable

Terence Crawford's trainer Brian McIntyre talks to the media about tomorrow's Crawford-Postol fight.

Terence Crawford's trainer Brian McIntyre sits down with the media to talk about tomorrow's title unification fight between Terence Crawford and Viktor Postol. Check out some excerpts below with the full video interview above.

On how much the cornermen will pay a role in who wins the fight tomorrow:

"It plays a big part due to the fact that you've got to watch your fighter, make sure your fighter is doing what ya'll worked on in camp. He might be doing it, but he might not be doing it in the right fashion. That's where the corner comes in, to tweak him here, tweak him there."

On why Crawford appears to get better as the fight goes along:

"That's just him growing as a fighter, you know, starting to understand the game just a little bit more...he understands the magnitude of knockouts, he understands the magnitude of the fighter that he's fighting, he also understands the magnitude of the fight. So when you get a fighter like that, that understands the whole surroundings, that's a damn good fighter."

On if it is selling Crawford short to just describe him as a counterpuncher:

"Yeah it would be selling him short because he can lead, he can get you to lead so he can counterpunch so that's the way he is sometimes."

On what's the biggest challenge that Postol poses to Crawford:

"We won't know yet until we actually get in there. You know it look good on paper, 28-0 and 28-0, for the TV and fans but you actually won't see the challenge until you actually get in there. [Postol] says he got a really great jab, but we've been working on things in camp to where you can take away the jab and that might be his greatest asset. And then you take that away, then what else he gonna do? Hold?"

On if he broke down a lot of tape on Postol preparing for this fight:

"Yeah I watched a lot of tape...we studied Postol, we know his ins, we know his outs, we know the way he like to move, we know the way he don't like to move, certain punches he like to throw, when he like to throw em, how he like to throw em. So I know him pretty well."

On how he would rate Postol as a fighter:

"I put him on the same page as a Ricky Burns."

On if Crawford has to fight on the inside to take away Postol's jab:

"No, you don't gotta fight on the inside, you can take away his jab with a double jab. You can take his jab away with a feint. You can take away his jab with a right hand. He got a good jab, but is it fast? Is it ultimately fast? No. So counter it."

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