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Viktor Postol discusses what went wrong against Terence Crawford

Viktor Postol lost big to Terence Crawford on Saturday night. Here, he talks about what went wrong.

Viktor Postol on what went wrong against Terence Crawford

"The jab just didn’t work that well. He was moving well. He didn’t let me engage with the jab. That was probably part of the plan, and it worked."

"It wasn’t comfortable for me. It’s a fight. He was moving a lot, and that didn’t really let me sit down on the punches."

"The first knockdown, I don’t feel I was hurt. I think I just lost balance, but it’s alright. The second knockdown, I was just getting anxious. I started really coming forward, and he caught me coming in. That was a real knockdown. He got me there. I just started coming forward too much."

"I made a decision to kind of try anything and risk it, probably, like, the 10th or 11th round, but it didn’t work for me. I wasn’t able to do it."

"I was following the plan the first four rounds, and it was working pretty well. Pressure and using the jab, attacking him aggressively. But after the fifth round, the knockdowns happened, and I started risking it more, because I knew I had to kind of get that back. Maybe where I risked it, it created some problems for me."

"He’s fast. Great foot movement, he moves very well."

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