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Amir Khan talks Canelo Alvarez, Kell Brook, and Conor McGregor

Amir Khan gives his thoughts on Canelo not facing Golovkin, hating Kell Brook, and what would be a "massive fight" against Conor McGregor.

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Amir Khan recently underwent surgery to repair a longstanding injury in his right hand and expects to return to fighting even stronger than before. And while Khan was recently in Dubai visiting a UFC gym, he spoke with 7Days about losing respect for Canelo Alvarez, his hatred of Kell Brook, and his hopes of making a big fight against UFC's Conor McGregor.

Starting with Canelo, Khan was asked if he has any regrets about taking that fight against a much bigger man in hindsight. Khan says he doesn't and that he was just caught with a good right hand that would've knocked out anyone. He is, however, disappointed that Canelo refuses to take any risk by facing Gennady Golovkin.

"...I'm just upset he isn't taking a chance and a big fight. He is only fighting smaller guys," said Khan."...[Canelo] needs to take a risk like I did and fight GGG. I went up two divisions to fight him, he doesn't even need to go up in weight to fight Golovkin but he won't.

"When he fought me he came into the ring at 187lbs. I was only 158lbs. Canelo says he isn't the same weight as Golovkin, but what is he talking about! He's almost as big as a light heavyweight."

Then, switching gears to domestic rival Kell Brook who is taking a massive risk in facing Golovkin instead of Canelo, Khan can't help but give Brook some props for showing some real guts -- though he doesn't think Brook has any chance of winning. But still, in light of Brook's willingness to face Golovkin, Khan believes that Brook has finally proven himself to the point where the long awaited fight between Brook and himself might finally come together.

"Certainly I still think a fight between myself and Kell will happen because he has proven himself now by being willing to step into the ring with Golovkin.

"The UK public want to see that fight and it is a fight I would like to give them. I still don't like him, in fact I hate him."

After concisely summing up his feelings on Brook, Khan was then asked about all his talk about being interested in a MMA fight against Conor McGregor. Khan insists he's completely serious about it. He believes it would be a "massive fight" and goes on to emphasize that he's not scared of McGregor. Khan says he'll need six months of MMA training before he'd be ready for that fight, but that he really wants to win a UFC belt.

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