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Kenny Porter: Shawn Porter is ready to go in 90 days

Kenny Porter reveals his hit list for Shawn Porter while saying that his son is ready to fight again as soon as possible.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

In the aftermath of Shawn Porter's close decision loss to Keith Thurman, father/trainer Kenny Porter talks to FightHype about what's next for Shawn. Check it out!

Kenny Porter on what he would like next for Shawn:

"They can get us another title fight, he's deserving of one...I don't want to sit around for 6-8 months, definitely not a year. Shawn has already started back working out -- no he's not doing boxing workouts. For fans who don't know anything about the sport or who don't have the inside information to the type of training that we do - he's not overtraining. He can never overtrain.

"If your muscles are hurting when you lift weights, stop lifting the weights. If your legs are hurting when you run, don't run today. He can never overtrain, it doesn't happen...We will be ready to go in 90 days. The only reason I'm saying 90 days is because I know it would take at least that much of a promotion for them to put a fight together and promote a fight. For us, we could do it in the dark. We don't need to promote a fight like we just did with Keith Thurman to get back in the ring, we're ready to get back in the ring..."

On who he would like Shawn Porter to fight next:

"Let me look at the list I made yesterday...Yeah, Keith Thurman is number one on my list for the rematch. Ummm, Danny Garcia, Andre Berto, John John Molina [by which he means John Molina Jr. since John John is 51-years-old and retired]. Ummm, the guy [Molina] just fought, Ruslan Provodinkov. Brandon Rios if Brandon has an interest. Those would be the top guys.

"You know what...let's not leave out Adrien [Broner] and Paulie [Malginaggi] since they have some nice little comments about the fight. They can get it. Let's not leave them out. We don't want them to feel left out."

So what say you, fans? Who would you like to see Shawn Porter take on next if you had it your way? Sound off in the comments below.

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