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Sergey Kovalev: It’s my goal to be No. 1 pound for pound

Sergey Kovalev speaks about his upcoming fight with Andre Ward.

On his PPV debut with Andre Ward

"I’m very excited for this fight, and being on pay-per-view, because the level of this fight for me, it’s really a lot. This is the highest level for the light heavyweight division. I’m very excited, really."

"It’s nothing different inside of my boxing, my training camp. Everything will be the same. Just this level of our fight is different. And that’s it. I understand that dreams come true. I just need to keep stepping forward."

On fighting in Russia in July

"I was happy to fight [in my hometown]. Fans had asked me to fight in Russia. ... I was happy, all Russian boxing fans were happy."

On his performance against Isaac Chilemba

"How I saw it, I looked good, and -- you know, Chilemba is not an easy opponent, really. I didn’t know that he can get all 12 rounds. I didn’t get to knock him out. In the seventh round, he got knocked down, but he’s a really good boxer and he was in good shape. But people saying it was a bad performance? That’s their opinion. My goal is to be better and better in each fight. Next fight, I think it’s going to be the same."

On Andre Ward’s style

"This is boxing. You never know that you can win by KO or score decision. Take your time. Take your time. November 19th will show what will happen, what it’s going to be. ... Whether I can beat him or not, I will try. I will try to get the next victory and to be best pound-for-pound. It’s my goal. I go for my goals, always, everywhere, any time. I follow my goals. This is my goal, to get the next victory, by KO or score decision. It’s my goal. I will do everything I can to get my next victory over Andre Ward."

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