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Chris Eubank Jr. talks Golovkin-Brook, Tommy Langford

Chris Eubank Jr. will be defending the British middleweight title against Tommy Langford in his next outing.

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

By now we're all pretty familiar with the drama between middleweights Chris Eubank Jr. and Gennady Golovkin. There was a lot of hot air being blown -- brash talk in interviews and on social media -- but unfortunately no signed contracts when it came down to it. So when welterweight Kell Brook decided to step in and sign the deal that Eubank Jr. declined, it took the entire boxing world by surprise.

With more time to reflect on how things have transpired, Eubank Jr. tells World Boxing News that he can't comment on who is to blame for his proposed fight against Golovkin falling through, but that he believes everything happens for a reason and that this will just give him more time to prepare to meet Golovkin sometime in the future.

And now looking at the match-up, with Kell Brook facing Golovkin instead, Eubank maintains that he's supportive of Kell Brook as a fellow Brit, but admits he gives him no chance to win the fight.

"I give Brook no chance in the fight, although I wish him the best of luck as a fellow Brit. I just think ‘GGG' will be too strong and too big.

"I have been watching all the press conferences and build up and besides it being very boring, Brook doesn't look confident and he looks like a deer in headlights. To me, he just seems happy to be there and be a part of this big occasion, not going in expecting to win."

In the meanwhile Eubank Jr. has his own fight to worry about, with him set to defend his British title against Tommy Langford with promoter Frank Warren winning the purse bid to the bout. Eubank Jr. isn't exactly enthusiastic about the fight, but says he'll do what he has to.

"I can only beat who is put in front of me and Langford is mandatory. We are not saying that we want to fight him, this is us being told we have to fight him by the BBBofC so it is what it is. I will do whatever and face whoever I have to in order to win it outright."

Eubank Jr. is currently two defenses away from winning the British title outright after having stopped Tom Doran shortly after winning the Lonsdale belt by beating Nick Blackwell earlier this year.

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