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Rio 2016 Olympics boxing results: Day 7, evening session (August 12)

We're now seven full days into the boxing in Rio.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Day seven in Rio is complete! Here’s what we saw in the evening session today.

Women’s flyweight (51kg) - Round of 16

Ingrid Valencia (Colombia) def. Judith Mbougnade (Central African Republic)

Total mismatch, if we’re being honest. Mbougnade, 18, received a tripartite invite, and, well, it showed. Valencia dominated the first, then dominated the second, and then dominated into the third, with eight counts in both of the latter two rounds, before the referee made the right decision to call it off. Mbougnade fought hard, but it was a very game novice against a very well-schooled fighter.

Sarah Ourahmoune (France) def. Zohra Ez Zahraoui (Morocco)

Not quite the mismatch of the first fight, but not competitive, either. Ez Zahraoui was taller, but Ourahmoune was the much more polished fighter, and won a four-round shutout decision.

Women’s middleweight (60kg) - Round of 16

Mikaela Mayer (United States) def. Jennifer Chieng (Micronesia)

Another fairly dull fight, in that there wasn’t much competition. Chieng gave it a go, but was outclassed by Mayer.

Irma Testa (Italy) def. Shelley Watts (Australia)

The best of the evening women’s fights, but still a clear win for Testa, no real debate about it.

Men’s lightweight (60kg) - Quarterfinals

Otgondalai Dorjnyambuu (Mongolia) def. Reda Benbaziz (Algeria)

Benbaziz has shown a good amount of talent in the Olympics, but Otgondalai was just a level too high for him, a crafty, rugged fighter, kept himself on top of things here, never really let Benbaziz get into it. Otgondalai is now guaranteed at least a bronze.

Sofiane Oumiha (France) def. Albert Selimov (Azerbaijan)

Oumiha continues a terrific run in Rio and is now guaranteed at least a bronze medal. Here, he made veteran Selimov look, well, kind of old, with a really impressive precision sort of performance. He just beat Selimov thoroughly, was better in every way.

Men’s middleweight (75kg) - Round of 16

Kamran Shakhsuvarly (Azerbaijan) def. Artem Chebotarev (Russia)

Miserable fight, awful tactics from Shakhsuvarly, who held and held and held and was warned and warned and warned, but no points were taken. Points should have been taken. Anyway, he advances to the quarterfinals.

Misael Rodríguez (México) def. Michael O’Reilly (Ireland)

This was a walkover. O’Reilly failed a drug test and was disqualified. Commentary was hilarious. "Michael O’Reilly was unable to make himself available. A disappointment for O’Reilly." They just completely avoided saying why Michael O’Reilly couldn’t fight. Oh well!

Hosam Abdin (Egypt) def. Wilfried Ntsengue (Cameroon)

Another fairly dull fight. Honestly, the middleweights have been my least favorite division thus far. This was pretty dominant stuff from Abdin, who moves on to face Rodríguez of México.

Krishan Vikas (India) def. Önder Sipal (Turkey)

A better fight than the first two, at least. Sipal gave this everythinghe had, but Vikas controlled things and got the win, and now moves on to the quarterfinal.

Bektemier Melikuziev (Uzbekistan) def. Daniel Lewis (Australia)

A pretty thorough performance here from the No. 2 seed, and to me, he and top seed Arlen López of Cuba have both looked ahead of the field at this weight, but you never know what we’ll see going forward, either.

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