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Rio 2016 boxing results: Day 11, morning session (August 16)

Another session, another controversy in Rio.

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Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

It’s another day in Rio, another day of boxing, and we’ve got more controversy already.

Women’s flyweight (51kg) - Quarterfinals

  • Nicola Adams (Great Britain) def. Tetyana Kob (Ukraine)
  • Cancan Ren (China) def. Mandy Bujold (Canada)

Both Adams and Ren won quite handily, and now will meet in the semifinal, which will be a rematch of the 2012 gold medal match, which Adams won. So that’s definitely one to anticipate. Ren did suffer a cut in her win over Bujold, but got through the fight, and since the women are still wearing headgear, she should be fine for the final.

Men’s bantamweight (56kg) - Quarterfinals

Vladimir Nikitin (Russia) def. Michael Conlan (Ireland)

This is the second straight gift decision for Nikitin. I’d say more, but I’ll let Conlan do it:

I’ll also add this:

Sarah Deming is someone whose opinions I certainly respect, and she’s live at the arena in Rio. She had no problem with the scoring throughout the fight.

Shakur Stevenson (United States) def. Tsendbaatar Erdenebat (Mongolia)

A class performance from Stevenson, won every second of the fight. He now faces Nikitin in the semifinal, guaranteed at least a bronze. Let me say this about Nikitin: it’s not his fault. That guy is fighting his heart out every time he’s in the ring. I actually really like watching him fight. It’s just I’m going to see him in at least two fights he shouldn’t be in. Conlan should have been fighting Chatchai Butdee. Stevenson should be fighting Conlan or Butdee.

Men’s light welterweight (64kg) - Quarterfinals

Vitaly Dunaystev (Russia) def. Qianxun Hu (China)

Dunaytsev is a skilled fighter. Dull. Not because he’s skilled, but how he’s skilled. Basic, but very effective, as his top seed proves.

Fazliddin Gaibnazarov (Uzbekistan) def. Gary Antuanne Russell (United States)

Another questionable decision.

Men’s light heavyweight (81kg) - Semifinal

Julio César La Cruz (Cuba) def. Mathieu Bauderlique (France)

Bauderlique, who will Rio with a bronze medal, is a very good fighter. He had looked great in his first couple of fights in Rio, good enough that I thought he could give La Cruz a challenge. Nope. If La Cruz wins a gold, he’s going to be in the Val Barker discussion for sure. He has breezed past everyone he’s faced so far.

Men’s super heavyweight (91+kg) - Quarterfinals

Tony Yoka (France) def. Hussein Iashaish (Jordan)

Easy win for the top-seeded Yoka, who knocks out the Jordanian who probably shouldn’t have been in this fight in the first place.

Filip Hrgović (Croatia) def. Lenier Pero (Cuba)

The judges were well on their way to gifting Pero a decision in this one, and then Hrgović landed a thunderous right hand that ended the conversation, scoring a TKO in the third. He moves on to face Yoka, and is guaranteed at least a bronze.

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