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Amir Khan: "I can kick quite hard!"

Amir Khan's phenomenal kicking game is a sure path to MMA glory.

Nigel Roddis/Getty Images

Amir Khan says he can kick really hard, so, you know, a win over UFC's Conor McGregor in an MMA fight is pretty much a done deal -- if he can just get a deal into place.

Khan has spent the better part of the last couple months talking a lot about potential move into MMA, ensuring the public that he's entirely serious about the idea, as well as fighting its biggest star in Conor McGregor. And the more we laugh at the idea, the more serious Khan gets...

But now not only does Khan want to face McGregor, he wants to fight him as part of a two fight deal -- one match in MMA, and one in boxing -- telling The Sun "This isn't just for publicity, it's real."

"If me and Conor were going to do it, we'd do one boxing and one MMA. It would be a two-fight deal and would definitely work."

I, for one, definitely don't see any way this could not work. It's probably the best idea since pants with pockets. So as we tumble down the rabbit's hole, let's just enjoy the view. We're here for fun anyway!

"Boxing is my first priority, but big deals have been thrown at me for MMA.

"I love trying new sports out and maybe there could be something that happens in the future — if the deal is good enough, why not?

"It would take me six to eight months to prepare. It would be a lot of hard training and I would focus on MMA. I can kick quite hard!"

I mean, there you have it! Khan's hard kicks versus McGregor's jaw. Easy pickins.

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