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Mayweather expresses interest in Shakur Stevenson

Floyd Mayweather traveled to the Rio Olympics to scout the next generation of young talent in person, and Shakur Stevenson sits atop of his wishlist.

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Several days ago former pound-for-pound kingpin Floyd Mayweather hopped on his private jet and flew down to Rio De Janiero to catch some of the Olympic games in person. But it wasn't just about fun, Mayweather used this as something of a scouting trip where he would watch some of the best amateurs in the world compete. Mayweather of course is the head of his own promotional company and is always on the lookout for bright young talent. And he believes he's found it in American standout Shakur Stevenson.

"I see the next Floyd Mayweather," Mayweather said. "If anybody can break my records, this young kid right here can do it. I truly believe in him."

"When I saw him at my gym, I said, 'Who is this guy?' I want to sign him instantly," Mayweather said. "I thought he was a professional. They said he was an amateur but he's got a professional style. He's the No. 1 guy, of course, that I'm interested in."

Of course Stevenson is something of a hot ticket for promoters, and Mayweather will likely have to compete with all of them for a chance sign the 19-year-old gold medal hopeful. Some speculate that Stevenson is likely to sign a professional contract with Top Rank after the Olympics conclude, but Mayweather will leverage all of his star power to attempt to convince Stevenson that he has better career prospects under his banner.

As a standout amateur fighter, one widely believed to be America's best hope for a gold medal since Andre Ward in 2004, Stevenson will be competing in the bantamweight semifinals tomorrow against Russia's Vladimir Nikitin. The winner of that match will fight for Olympic gold.

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