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No suspension for Alexander Povetkin as he gets interim title shot

The WBC has finally ruled that they will not suspend Alexander Povetkin over his failed drug test as the sanctioning body orders him to fight Bermane Stiverne in an interim title fight.

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Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

It was a relatively slow moving process, one that Deontay Wilder publicly ridiculed, but the WBC has finally ruled that Alexander Povetkin will not be suspended for his failed drug test as reported by RingTV. Povektin tested positive for trace amounts of Meldonium heading into a scheduled title fight against Deontay Wilder, which ultimately nixed that fight, but the WBC says there's no firm evidence that he took the substance after hit VADA's banned list on January 1. Not even the three clean drug tests he managed before ultimately testing positive was sufficient evidence of wrongdoing it would appear.

In light of the WBC's ruling, the organization has now ordered Povetkin to face Bermane Stiverne for its interim heavyweight title, which looks to be a precursor for a mandatory title shot against Deontay Wilder later down the line. Povetkin and Stiverne are respectively rated number one and two by the WBC with Wilder as their champion.

So now begins the free negotiation period between Povetkin and Stiverne. If the two sides cannot settle on a deal the fight will be ordered to purse bid on September 16 with a 50/50 purse split and random drug testing from VADA.

The WBC also states that instead of a suspension for Povetkin, they will rigorously drug test him through a "specific testing protocol" that VADA will design and that Povetkin is responsible to pay for. If he tests dirty again, he will be suspended and stripped of any titles held.

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