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ShoBox - Miller vs. Kassi: Live streaming results and round-by-round coverage

Mason Menard faces Bahodir Mamodjonov in the co-feature.

The big boys take center stage in tonight’s ShoBox quadrupleheader, going down in Rochester’s Rhinos Stadium. In the main event, Jarrell Miller looks to continue his climb through the heavyweight ranks against Fred Kassi, while Mason Menard takes on Bahodir Mamadjonov down at lightweight.

Miller (17-0-1, 15 KO), a former kickboxer and current prospect, has stayed extremely busy, though admittedly against middling opposition. This will be his eighth fight since 2014. Kassi (18-5-1, 10 KO) is technically winless in his last four, but that streak includes a questionable draw against Chris Arreola and robbery loss to Dominic Breazeale. He’s Miller’s best opponent by far and it will be interesting to see how he handles a nearly sixty-pound weight disadvantage.

Menard (31-1, 23 KO) earned a terrific knockout in his last ShoBox appearance and hasn’t lost since his third pro fight, while Mamadjonov (19-2, 11 KO) has only lost to division standouts Darleys Perez and Richard Commey.

The third fight pits unbeaten Kazakh knockout artist Bakhtiyar Eyubov (10-0) against veteran Karim Mayfield (19-3-1, 11 KO). It’s a considerable step up for Eyubov, who has fought just two opponents with winning records; Mayfield is better than his current 1-3 stretch suggests.

Antonio Nieves (16-0-1, 8 KO) opens the show against Alejandro Santiago (11-2-1, 3 KO). Nieves was originally in the co-main event, but an injury to original foe Nikolay Potapov knocked him down the ladder.

Quick results and round-by-round coverage below.

UPDATE: looks like I got the order wrong. Eyubov vs. Mayfield opens the show.


Jarrell Miller vs. Fred Kassi

Mason Menard def. Bahodir Mamodjonov by TKO at 2:26 of Round Nine

Antonio Nieves draws with Alejandro Santiago (96-94, 94-96, 95-95)

Bakhtiyar Eyubov def. Karim Mayfield by split decision (95-94, 94-95, 95-94)


Jarrell Miller vs. Fred Kassi

Round one: Overhand right for Kassi. Left hook. Good left hand upstairs. Clinch. One minute in. Miller still stalking forward, eats a left. Good work from Kassi thus far, not much coming back from Miller. Right hook by Miller, flurry from Kassi. One minute to go. Miller covers up, eats some shots on his forearms. Miller dings the body against the ropes. Good right to the head before the bell. 10-9 Kassi.

Round two: Miller again plodding forward. Good lefts by Kassi. Left hand again by Kassi. Miller to the body, eats a combination. 1-2 from Miller. Miller's eating more than he dishes out thus far. One minute on. Miller to the body after eating a left hand upstairs. Short right hand by Miller, who's now landing some more. Good right hand after eating a combo from Kassi. Miller to the body again. Kassi left hand, 1-2. One minute to go. Right cross and body shots from Miller. Miller's volume working much better this round. Clinch. Right hand again by Miller. 10-9 Miller, 19-19.

Round three: Kassi staying busy, landing to the head and body. Miller swats him with right hands. Hard rights and a left downstairs. More right hands and lefts by Miller. Kassi does not look good. Miller pounding away to the body in the corner. One minute to go. Kassi circles off, Miller plods right after. Kassi tries to tie up. Hard right hand and body shots by Miller. One minute to go. Hard left hand by Kassi bounces off. Left hook by Miller. Miller with his hands down. Good right hand. 10-9, 29-28 Miller.

Round four:

Mason Menard vs. Bahodir Mamadjonov

Round one: Mamadjonov southpaw, Menard orthodox. Clinch. Menard to the body. 1-2 from Mamadjonov. 1-2-1 this time. One minute in. 1-2 again. Mamadjonov right hand inside, good flurry. 1-2 again. Body shots. Clinch. One minute to go. Clinch as Menard tries to charge. Body shot, clinch. Good lead left and combination. Menard with some short uppercuts. 10-9 Mamadjonov.

Round two: Counter left from Menard. Lead left by Mamadjonov. Lead right by Menard, then another right inside. Solid shots from Menard as Mamadjonov ties up. Menard to the body. One minute in. counter left lands for Mamadjonov. They trade body blows inside. One minute to go. Menard definitely doing better this round. Hard right hand by Menard as they exit the clinch. 10-9 Menard, 19-19.

Round three: Mamadjonov lands a left hand early. Another good 1-2. Menard looking for the counter right. Body shot, overhand left by Mamadjonov. Clinch. Another left hand by Mamadjonov and another. One minute in. Counter left this time after a Menard combination. Menard slipping that left a little better now, clinch. 2-1 by Menard. One minute to go. Lead left by Mamadjonov. Again. Body shot. Clinch. Lead left, clinch. Uppercuts by Menard in the clinch. 10-9, 29-28 Mamadjonov.

Round four: Mamadjonov still in control. Not a lot of volume from Menard, who eats a right hook. Clinch. 1-2 again by Mamadjonov. Clinch. Good combination from Menard. One minute in. 1-2 again by Mamadjonov. They roughhouse inside. Another left hand from Mamadjonov into the clinch. Cuffing right hook. Clinch. Clinch. One minute to go. Yet more left hands from Mamadjonov. Menard's loading up, looking for big counters. Clinch. Clinch. 10-9, 39-37 Mamadjonov.

Round five: Mamadjonov continues to fire the left hand. Hard lead right hook. Menard's cut above the left eye. Clinch. Clinch. One minute in. Overhand left by Mamadjonov as they both flurry. Clinch. Left by Mamadjonov. Lead left, clinch. One minute to go. Clinch. Right hook connects. Menard digs in some body shots. Clinch. 10-9, 49-46 Mamadjonov.

Round six: Yet another left hand from Mamadjonov. 1-2. Lead left hand, clinch. 1-2 from Mamadjonov, clinch. One minute in. Menard tries a left hook. Clinch. Clinch. Menard not doing much to dissuade Mamadjonov. The announcers already prepping us for another robbery. Clinch, Menard with an uppercut. One minute to go. Short uppercut from Mamadjonov. Right hook. Menard looks for a left downstairs. Clinch. 10-9, 59-55 Mamadjonov.

Round seven: Right hand from Menard after a Mamadjonov 1-2. One minute in. A little more activity from Menard and, out of nowhere, he drops Mamadjonov with a right hand in the corner. Mamadjonov beats the count and returns to his feet. Menard slinging body shots. Thudding right to the body and both of Mamadjonov's gloves touch the canvas for another knockdown. He's got one minute to survive. Mamadjonov fires a left hand and clinches. Menard lands on the exit. Left to the body by Mamadjonov. Big lead left, Menard eats it. Good uppercut by Menard before the bell and a body shot. 10-7 Menard, 66-65 Mamadjonov.

Round eight: Mamadjonov looks alright, but Menard's on the advance. Hard right to the body. Lead left from Mamadjonov. Hard 1-2. One minute in. 1-2 again by the Uzbek. One minute to go. Menard not landing much this round. Clinch. Clinch. 10-9, 76-74 Mamadjonov.

Round nine: Menard still on the advance. Not much from Mamadjonov thus far. One minute in. Lead lefts land for him. Another left. Clinches in the second minute. One minute to go. BIG right hand from Menard and he's on the attack. Mamadjonov staggers back, absorbing shots to the head and body. Steve Smoger separates them, intending to continue the fight, but Mamadjonov collapses under his own weight. Big stoppage for Menard.

Final result: Menard def. Mamadjonov by TKO


Antonio Nieves vs. Alejandro Santiago

Round one: They start the fight jabbing. Santiago landing a little better in the first minute. Nieves with a right to the body. Left hook by Santiago, then a right downstairs. One minute to go. Santiago goes low-high, eats a counter. Lead right by Santiago met by body shots. 10-9 Santiago.

Round two: Lead right by Santiago. Nieves to the body. Again, this time on the counter. Santiago putting together rapid combinations. One minute in. 1-2 by Santiago, then some nice body shots. Left hook upstairs, Nieves goes to the body. Santiago has the speed and seems to be landing the heavier shots. Nieves to the body. One minute to go. Santiago goes a bit low with body shots. Closer round. 10-9 Nieves, 19-19.

Round three: Santiago's speed looks to be the deciding factor thus far. Nieves to the body. Santiago answers in kind, one minute in. Low-high from Santiago. 1-2 connects. Good trade. Nieves lands a combination on the ropes, eats a body shot. Santiago combo. One minute to go. Body shot. Good left hook as Nieves goes to the body. Nieves working the jab, hasn't really brought his size to bear. 10-9, 29-28 Santiago.

Round four: Quick work from both men. Santiago still beating him to the punch on most occasions. One minute in. Nieves is landing when they exchange, but Santiago's doing the better work and, at least audibly, landing harder. One minute to go. Counter left hook by Santiago, nice combo from Nieves in return. Santiago combination hits guard, lead right connects. 10-9, 39-37 Santiago.

Round five: Nice exchanges early on. Nieves to the body. 1-2 by Santiago, Nieves to the body. Nieves is landing as Santiago exits. One minute in. Left hooks by Santiago. Right to the body. Combination by Santiago. Body shot. Again. One minute to go. Santiago busier this round, it seems. 1-2 connects for him. Good lead right. Nieves not landing much this round. 10-9, 49-46 Santiago.

Round six: Good left hook by Santiago. Counter left by Nieves, then a short flurry to the body. One minute in. Santiago still beating him to the punch. Right hand to the body. Body shots from Nieves. Santiago thumps him in return. Nieves right hand. One minute to go. Santiago sneaks in an uppercut. 10-9, 59-55 Santiago.

Round seven: Nieves connects with a good flurry early on. Santiago combination. Santiago's movement is great thus far. One minute in. Nieves to the body in close. Nieves jabbing. 1-2-3 by Santiago. Santiago to the body. One minute to go. Nieves having a better round. Nieves to the body, eats an uppercut. Santiago digs a right downstairs. Left hook by Nieves as they trade. 10-9 Nieves, 68-65 Santiago.

Round eight: Santiago comes out with a bit more fire, throwing and landing combinations. Great work in the early going to the head and body. Double left hook by Nieves, one minute in. Overhand right by Nieves bounces off. They trade body shots. Some fairly even exchanges in the center. Nice right hand by Nieves. One minute to go. Santiago's are the crisper blows so far. 1-1-2 by Nieves. 10-9, 78-74 Santiago.

Round nine: One of the announcers just tried to pronounce "hombre" and I am horribly offended. Anyway, fairly even start to the round. Nieves' jab continues to be his most effective weapon. Good 1-2 from Nieves. One minute in. Brutal shots by Santiago and he has Nieves on the retreat. Santiago rips to the body, unloading combinations. Nieves seems to have his wits back, eats a slick uppercut and goes to the body. 1-2 by Santiago. They trade right hands. One minute to go. Good combinations by Santiago. Check left hook. Nieves lands a 1-2-3 at the bell. 10-9, 88-83 Santiago.

Round ten: Santiago looking extremely sharp early on. Nieves is in there, throwing with urgency, but Santiago is landing the better punches. One minute in. Both men jabbing. Nieves to the body. Once again. Lead right by Santiago. Left hook and uppercut just miss. One minute to go. 2-3 by Santiago. Clinch. Combination by Santiago. Left hook by Nieves. Good exchange in the center. 10-9, 98-92 Santiago.

Final result: Split draw


Bakhtiyar Eyubov vs. Karim Mayfield

Round one: Mayfield comes out mauling, pounding the head and body until Eyubov ties up. Heavy counter right by Eyubov rattles Mayfield and the latter ties up. Mayfield goes right back to mugging. Mayfield almost forehead-to-forehead with him, forcing him back and landing inside. One minute in. Eyubov warned for a low blow. Both land inside. Overhand left by Eyubov, Mayfield shrugs it off and comes back with a right. One minute to go. Mayfield right hand, Eyubov left hook. Right cross by Mayfield, who eats a three-piece combo that seems to sting him. Clinch. Eyubov clocks him with a left hook and chases until the bell. 10-9 Mayfield.

Round two: The chippy fight continues, both men slinging heat. Eyubov's landed some real big shots, but Mayfield's giving plenty in return. One minute in. Sharp right by Mayfield. Eyubov backs him to the ropes, eat shots. Eyubov with some wild uppercuts and left hooks. One minute to go. Eyubov rips to the body. Left hooks by Mayfield, who's winning the infight thus far. Good left hook by Eyubov. Uppercut by Mayfield. 10-9, 20-18 Mayfield.

Round three: Mayfield staying busy on the inside, outlanding Eyubov. Eyubov slings left hooks, eats a right cross. Eyubov warned again for a low blow. Mayfield rips him with uppercuts when they resume. One minute in. Big overhand right by Mayfield. Eyubov stalks forward with his hands down, blasting Mayfield inside. Some holding and hitting from both fighters. One minute to go. Crazy exchange, clinch. Eyubov pops him to the body, backs him to the ropes. Mayfield circling well, eats a right cross. Tight hook by Eyubov and they clinch. 10-9, 30-27 Mayfield.

Round four. Hard right hand by Mayfield as they trade. Eyubov answers, both land to the body. Nice trade in the corner. Eyubov again marches forward with his hands down and gets plugged by a right hand. Clinch. One minute in. Double left hook by Eyubov. Good trade near the ropes. Both go to the body in close. Eyubov to the body, Mayfield again controlling the fight at point-blank, landing to the head and body, but Eyubov is getting his licks in at medium range. One minute to go. Clinch. Nice combination by Mayfield. 10-9, 40-36 Mayfield.

Round five: Back to the grind. Good right hand by Mayfield, then another one on the counter. Clinch. Right cross by Mayfield. Mayfield dings the body with a combination. Brutal combinations from both men. One minute in. Mayfield left hook. Eyubov to the body, then the head in combination. Mayfield sneaks in a right and eats a leaping hook. Eyubov goes to the body, then an uppercut to the head. One minute to go. Eyubov warned again for low blows. Hard body shots by Eyubov. Mayfield giving a bit of ground. Inside combos from Mayfield. 10-9 Eyubov, 49-46 Mayfield.

Round six: Mayfield circling, landing off the back foot. Solid punches as Eyubov marches in, head down. Right hand by Mayfield, left hand by Eyubov. 2-3 lands for him. One minute in. Eyubov trying some fancier footwork, moving his head with his hands down. Right hook by Mayfield, left hook by Eyubov. One minute to go, 1-2 from Mayfield. Hard counter left by Eyubov. Eyubov rips to the body. Mayfield right cross. Eyubov jabs a bit before the bell. Close round. 10-9 Eyubov, 58-56 Mayfield.

Round seven: Mayfield a little more active now. Long flurry by Eyubov, who's showboating now. Mayfield connects on the inside, Eyubov thumps to the body. Hard left hook upstairs. Mayfield muscles him to the ropes and they trrade body shots. One minute in. Nasty right hand by Mayfield and Eyubov shakes it off. Eyubov now talking trash as he advances. Both men land hard to the body and head. Mayfield combination. One minute to go. Looping left by Eyubov, Mayfield whiffs on a bomb of a right hand. Eyubov to the body, right cross as they separate. 10-9, 68-65 Mayfield.

Round eight: Mayfield goes back to the clinchwork that worked early. Both land big on the ropes. Right hand by Mayfield, circling as Eyubov presses forward. Eyubov to the body. One minute in. Huge right hand by Mayfield as Eyubov pounds his body. Eyubov backs him to the ropes, looks to land a flurry. Mayfield to the head, eats a left hook in return. One minute to go. Eyubov loses a point for continued low blows; fair deduction. They get right back to slinging leather. 9-9 with the point deduction. 77-74 Mayfield.

Round nine: Mayfield lands in the early going on a shelled-up Eyubov, who eventually cracks him with a left hook. Eyubov with a right downstairs. Good left hook and body blows from Mayfield. Mayfield seems to have a second wind, landing well. One minute in. Eyubov cracks him with a flurry on the ropes. Left hook by Mayfield as they trade, Eyubov answers in kind. Rapid exchanges. Clinch, one minute to go. Mayfield combination to the head. Right hand as they separate. Good right to the body. 10-9, 87-83 Mayfield.

Round ten: They both come out throwing. Nice left by Mayfield. Both land near the ropes. Big right hand by Mayfield, Eyubov shrugs it off. One minute in. Eyubov gets away with another low blow as he flurries. Mayfield landing better this round. One minute to go. Mayfield the busier and more accurate. Eyubov left hook. Mayfield answers a left hook with a right hand. Eyubov rushes after him until the bell. 10-9, 97-92 Mayfield.

Final result: Eyubov def. Mayfield by split decision


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