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PBC on NBC - Spence vs. Bundu: Live streaming results and round-by-round coverage

Immediately after today’s Olympic coverage, Premier Boxing Champions will hit your screens with a fluff-free one-fight broadcast that sees surging star Errol Spence Jr. take on Italian veteran Leonard Bundu.

Things kick off at 5:00 ET from the Ford Amphitheater in Coney Island.

Spence (20-0, 17 KO) has been absolutely on fire in recent years, emerging as the brightest prospect in a very stacked welterweight division. He’s knocked out his last seven opponents, including Chris Algieri in his most recent bout, and is expected to bulldoze Bundu (33-1-2, 12 KO), who has won two straight over subpar opposition since being dropped and shut out by Keith Thurman in 2014.

The undercard, which we won't get to see, features a quality women's match between Heather Hardy (17-0, 4 KO) and Shelly Vincent (18-0, 1 KO) and Dominican prospect Claudio Marrero (20-1, 14 KO) against Derrick Murray (13-0-1, 5 KO)

Quick results and round-by-round coverage below.


Errol Spence Jr. def. Leonard Bundu by KO at 2:06 of Round Six


Errol Spence Jr. vs. Leonard Bundu

Round one: Bundo comes out aggressively, taking Spence to the corner and eating a body shot. Another left downstairs from Spence, Bundu goes upstairs. Spence looking sharp off the back foot. Clinch. One minute in. Body shot from Spence, counter left by Bundu. They trade near the corner, clinch. Hard right downstairs after a left upstairs. Bundu tags him with a left as he leans back. One minute to go. Right hook by Spence. He jabs the body. 10-9 Spence.

Round two: Bundu still marching forward. Right hook by Bundu as he takes jabs. Left downstairs from Spence. One minute in. Spence slips against the ropes. Clinch. Spence to the body, good trade. Spence again sticks a left downstairs. 3-2 from Bundu. One minute to go. Again Spence goes to the gut, clinch. Bundu with a right hook downstairs and a decent combination on a weaving Spence. Bundu right hook and they trade body shots. 10-9, 20-18 Spence.

Round three: Short uppercut lands for Spence. Bundu with a flurry inside. Jabs from Spence. Good one to the body. Bundu's getting in some licks, but Spence is doing better, particularly with his bodywork. Nice lefts to the body. Bundu with three good shots a minute in. Right to the body. Bundu stings him inside. Spence digs a left under the ribs. One minute to go. Good lefts by Spence in the corner. Bundu thumps the body, eats an uppercut. Lead lefts from Spence. Close round. 10-9, 30-27 Spence.

Round four: Uppercut from Spence inside. Check hook by Spence hits home. Both go to the body inside. Bundu looking for counters, eats a combination. Spence landing better head shots now. Bundu digs a right downstairs. One minute in. Good shots by Bundu. Sneaky uppercut by Spence knocks Bundu's mouthpiece out. They begin trading immediately. Hard body shot by Spence, Bundu with some lefts of his own. Lead left by Spence. One minute to go. Good body shots from Spence, that straight left is working. Clinch. Another thumping left to the solar plexus. More body blows by Spence. 10-9, 40-36 Spence.

Round five: Spence goes back to jabbing the body. Hard 1-2 by Spence, who's plugging Bundu with the jab. 1-2 by Bundu. Clinch. Bundu to the body. Spence's jab working extremely well. Lead left connects. Another one through the guard. Hard left from Spence near the ropes, answered with body shots. 1-2 from Spence. Back to the jabs. Bundu lands a right downstairs and a 1-2. Left hands by Bundu met by a body shot. 10-9, 50-45 Spence.

Round six: Spence to the body with authority in the corner. Nasty body blows in the corner. Bundu forces his way out and lands a combination. Spence gets him back to the ropes and goes to work to the head and body. Oh, nice uppercut by Bundu. 1-2 from Spence in return. Body shot exchange, one minute in. 1-2 and a HUGE uppercut by Spence drops Bundu! Bundu looks a little frazzled when he stands. Spence on the attack, Bundu throwing back. They exchange and Spence puts him to sleep with a crushing right hook.

Final result: Spence def. Bundu by knockout

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