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Eubank Sr: Gennady Golovkin is running scared

Chris Eubank Sr. explains (sort of) why the negotiations with Golovkin fell apart and his desire for his son to get a rematch with Billy Joe Saunders.

Charlie Crowhurst/Getty Images

Yes, he really said that!

The outspoken Chris Eubank Sr. is calling for Billy Joe Saunders to "come out of hiding" to face his son in a rematch while also explaining why he thinks Gennady Golovkin is running scared of his son. By now it's been pretty well reported that the Eubank's didn't sign a deal in time to face Golovkin on Sept. 10, but Eubank Sr. gives his take on how those negotiations went awry, as told to The Express.

But first, with Golovkin already tied into a fight with career welterweight Kell Brook next month, Eubank Sr. says the only other fight out there that makes sense for his son is a rematch with Billy Joe Saunders, who he's been taunting on social media.

Then, when asked why their negotiations to fight Gennady Golovkin fell by the wayside, he replied:

"The reason it didn't happen is because of a misunderstanding," Eubank Snr said. "But that misunderstanding wasn't fair to Junior or the fans. Actually it wasn't fair to Golovkin."

Eubank Sr. didn't go into more details about the "misunderstanding," but he does believe that Golovkin is in some way avoiding a difficult fight.

"We think he's running scared because I don't know how he can choose a fighter who is two weights beneath himself. It's something out of a comic book, it really is. They can't be serious.

"They call him the best fighter in the world. Junior is British champion, yet they've gone for a guy who is [13] pounds lighter. It's not fair because my view is why would you do that if you want to respect other people? It's not just about defending your championship, you want to earn respect of the boxing fraternity and the public at large.

"He's fighting someone who is like a toddler - that's how it's seen in the boxing world."

Misunderstanding or not, the Eubank's did have the first crack at Golovkin before Kell Brook came by to snatch up the offer they sat on. I doubt any boxing fan truly believes Golovkin is running scared of Eubank Jr., but the confidence Eubank Sr. says it with is quite impressive in its own right.

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