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Robert Guerrero: I feel I beat Danny Garcia, we gotta do it again

Robert Guerrero talks about preparing for David Peralta and believing he deserves a rematch with Danny Garcia.

Robert Guerrero (33-4-1, 18 KOs) is all squared away to take on David Peralta (25-2-1, 14 KOs) tomorrow night on a PBC on Spike card. I'll be on-hand for the live coverage assignment so feel free to congregate with us here at BLH for round-by-round analysis and commentary.

And speaking with FightHub ahead of tomorrow night's fight, Guerrero talks about his preparation for the fight and why he believes he deserves a rematch with Danny Garcia. Check out some excerpts of what he had to say below.

On being surprised at how tall David Peralta is:

"Yeah, he's pretty tall...I usually get the tall ones, like Kamegai was tall too and I was surprised like 'man, he's taller than I thought he was."

On how he approaches fighting tall fighters:

"Feel 'em out. Feel em' out the first two rounds and then go from there. Work your game plan. It's hard to find film on him so you got to be ready for everything. I knew he was tall from what I found, but I didn't think he was that tall but good thing I had a couple guys [in camp] that are 6'1, 6'. So, ready to go."

On what he's sees in Peralta in the limited tape he's found:

"Well, he brings a lot of height. You know he's more of a laid back type of guy where he lets you come to him and he counters you. The fight I've seen of him, he laid up on the ropes a lot so if he does that it's an advantage to have somebody on the ropes and be able to work on the inside, over the top, stuff like that so I'm exited man - I'm excited to get back in the ring."

On what he's been working on since we last saw him take on Danny Garcia:

"I've been working on being back up on my toes. Like I told you guys before when I fought Garcia, that camp, I was doing a little more boxing, a little more on my toes, and it takes a minute to get back to what you were doing before to break all those bad habits...I had the habit of just going balls to the wall, walking guys down and just saying 'let's go.' So staying on my game plan and working behind a jab and being on my toes - it took a little time to get back to it but I think I'm almost there."

On how he'll prevent himself from falling right back into brawler-mode:

"Yeah well, in the Garcia fight when I was my toes and I was working behind my jab he didn't know what the hell to do. So you tend to get bored with a guy that just don't know what to do and starts running so you go balls to the wall and start making him fight. But it's like I said, sticking to that game plan and then repetition in the gym, just working on it, working it during sparring, not just trying to get in there and mow everybody down. "

On if he feel's he'll be ready for another title shot with a win tomorrow:

"I'm ready for a title shot now, I'm ready for that Garcia rematch."

On still feeling like he beat Danny Garcia:

"I still feel I won the fight. It's the way these guys are judging now, they like that one or two flashy shots a's a fight, man. You got to come out and fight and make it happen and work combinations but it is what it is. Just get back to that position and make it happen again.

"I one not to cry over anything. When I fought Thurman, clearly, he beat me. He was the better man that night. I feel I beat Garcia that's why it's like 'hey, you know what, we gotta do it again man.' You can't just turn around and run and hide and just sit back and look for the fight that you just know you're gonna get past."

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