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Richard Schaefer in talks to sign Mikey Garcia

Richard Schaefer is looking to land Mikey Garcia as his first big name signing for Ringstar Sports.

Isaac Brekken/Getty Images

With former Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer back in play after a hiatus from the sport, he's looking to sign perhaps the biggest free agent out there -- Mikey Garcia. Schaefer is hoping to promote a Oct. 15 card under his new banner Ringstar Sports, and would like nothing better than to have Garcia as a staple in his company. Here's what Schaefer told RingTV about his talks with Garcia:

"I'm sure any promoter has probably reached out to Mikey and rightfully so," Schaefer told "Who wouldn't want to promote a fighter and a young man as great inside and outside of the ring as him?"

Schaefer believes Garcia has both the talent and personality to become a crossover star in boxing and references his work in helping Floyd Mayweather Jr. become a major PPV attraction in his credentials.

"I look at what I have done, including helping Floyd become the biggest pay-per-view star of all time," he said. "I really believe that Mikey has an opportunity to become a huge pay-per-view star. So am I interested in throwing my hat into the ring to work for Mikey in some sort of capacity? Absolutely. I have some very strong ideas for how to go about it."

Since officially getting out of his Top Rank contract, Mikey Garcia has been something of a hot commodity for promoters. He just had a one-off fight with Al Haymon when he beat Elio Rojas (sort of like a trial run), but remains free to sign with the company of his choosing. Garcia is most notably fielding offers from Haymon (although not technically a promoter), Mayweather Promotions, and Ringstar Sports.

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