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Robert Guerrero: You bang 'em, you lose. You box 'em, you lose.

Robert Guerrero gives his thoughts on the fight after losing a split decision to David Peralta.

"I was staying on my game plan, I was boxing. I laugh because you come in and bang the shit out of these guys, you lose. You come, you box, you stay on your game, do your thing, you lose. I guess you just gotta knock guys out, man."

"Back to the drawing board, bro. Shit dude I feel good, it feels like I just went jogging...I don't feel like I lost. Hey, it was a good fight, man. I was on my game, I stuck to my game plan, I told you guys I was gonna box and that's what I did. One round I wanted to mix it up and then they're like 'jump back on your game work behind your jab, do your thing.' I was never hurt. They only guy that ever hurt me was Aydin, but he hurt my shoulders, they were all bruised up for like a month..."

"Hopefully [Danny Garcia] wants to fight us if he wants an easy match tell him to call me."

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