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Tevin Farmer targets Gervonta Davis, Leo Santa Cruz

After a rough start to his professional career Tevin Farmer looks to have found his groove as he's rattled off 15-straight wins.

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Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Don't be easily fooled by Tevin Farmer's 22-4-1 record, the Philadelphia fighter has come up in boxing the hard way. Farmer lost in his first professional fight and three more times by his 12th outing -- but since then the junior lightweight has been red hot! Farmer looks like he's now put it all together as he's not only won 15 straight fights, but he looks every part of a legitimate title contender while cracking the WBC's top 5 at 130lbs.

But it's been sort of difficult for Farmer to find quality fights at 130 since he doesn't have the benefit of a major promotional push. That ultimately led him to moving up for a 135lb fight against Ivan Redkach in July -- a fight which he won easily. But even in his great showing, Farmer is still thankful for the opportunity.

Now Farmer is looking for his next notable fight, which he had hoped would come against Floyd Mayweather's top prospect Gervonta Davis.

"I would love that fight but honestly he would be a step backwards for me at this point. He's in a good position with Floyd Mayweather and he should appreciate it. They are quietly slowing him down because they know he's not ready. We have had our share of back and forth on social media but the ball is in his court."

After continuing about how Davis and his team don't seem to want to stage an actual fight against him, Farmer mentions that he'd like to turn his attention to Leo Santa Cruz.

"Ivan Redkach is being handled by Leo Santa Cruz's people. I'm glad they took the fight but they don't seem to think much of me. So how about this.... They should let Leo use me as a tune up and comeback fight. He keeps saying he wants to fight Gary Russell. Well use me as a tune up to get ready for Russell. I will take the fight at 126, look how easy I am to negotiate with. Now let's see if they bite on that. If not Leo my goal is win a world title at 130. So anyone ranked at 130 I'm willing to fight, it doesn't matter who it is. But I am willing to go up or down for the right opportunities."

Wherever Farmer goes from here, hopefully we'll get to see him in a title fight sometime in the near future - he looks like he deserves a shot.

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