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Frank Warren: The Eubanks are an odd couple, living in a fantasy world

Promoter Frank Warren believes Chris Eubank Jr. and his father are in cahoots when it comes to making head-scratching decisions.

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Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

In an article promoter Frank Warren has just published on WBN, he outlines his experiences working with Chris Eubank Jr. and why he was wrong for singling out Chris Eubank Sr. as being the fool and a fraud.

Warren begins with an short except from when he was first trying to sign Eubank Jr. to a promotional contract, negotiating with his father Chris Eubank Sr.

Warren recalls that during one of their conversations Eubank Sr. mentioned something to him about his son that apparently had a lasting impression on him, with Eubank Sr. saying that Eubank Jr. would be "the best pussy [he'd] ever have."

Ignoring the fact that that's a pretty crass statement coming from the socially refined 'English,' that's actually pretty romantic as far boxing promotion goes...but sadly it turns out that Eubank Jr. would not be the best he's ever had -- a dissatisfying realization for Warren who also believes Eubank Jr. plays a role in his father's shenanigans.

"Myself and others have long afforded Chris Eubank jnr the benefit of the doubt, believing him to be a victim of the madness of his old man. Now I'm not so sure, in fact I'm certain they are on the same wavelength and in cahoots over every illogical decision. They are made for each other."

Warren continues by making reference to winning the purse bid for Eubank Jr. to face Tommy Langford for his British title defense which was to take place next month. When Eubank Jr. signed the contract for the fight he was given four dates to hold a pre-fight press conference, but Warren says Eubank Jr. simply ignored them. Warren then says he was forced to make a complaint to the British Boxing Board of Control who then got in touch with Eubank Jr. directly. Shortly thereafter Warren received a doctor's note from Eubank Jr. saying that he was suffering from tennis elbow.

"It had to be something where a load of balls are involved," Warren writes.

The icing on the cake was when Eubank Jr. then decided to vacate his British title, canceling the fight, and offered a public statement which, in part, read: "there has not been a fighter in the history of British Boxing who has had such a vast chasm of fighting prowess between him and the contenders for the British Championship..."

"Who is he trying to kid? They must be living in a fantasy world if they expect us to believe this is all to protect the wellbeing of Langford."

Warren then recalls that at the conclusion of his promotional agreement with Eubank Jr. he was asked to stay apart of his team as an advisor -- something Warren says he turned down due to the mind-numbing experience of working with them.

And since then Warren mentions that Eubank Sr. has been at ITV trying to shop a deal for his son to keep the gravy train rolling. All the while Warren says fans and honest fighters like Tommy Langford are left with disappointment for a fight that was never likely to come off.

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