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Gennady Golovkin thinks Kell Brook's size makes the fight more interesting

Kell Brook continued to outweigh Gennady Golovkin at the seven-day weight check.

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Kell Brook might've been a career-long welterweight but you wouldn't tell by his weigh-in's and photos. Moving up two weight classes from welterweight to middleweight, Kell Brook tipped the scales at 176lbs at the 30-day weigh-in while Gennady Golovkin stood at 165lbs. Some believe that Brook was trying to make a statement at the weight check that he wasn't going to be the smaller man come fight night, and perhaps that's still the case.

At the seven day weight check, as mandated by the WBC, Brook weighed-in at just under 168lbs, whereas Golovkin hit just under the 163lb mark. And it doesn't exactly look like Brook is just carrying extra weight for the heck of it, he's looking pretty solid and toned for his middleweight debut.

Week out... Let's get it... #WarReady

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Even Gennady Golovkin admits to being a little surprised by Brook's size, saying he thinks it's going to make things a little more interesting come fight night, telling Sky Sports:

"[Brook] came in a month before the fight at 176lbs and then 167lbs. My weight has been 165 or 163 but he's huge. He looks good. He looks strong and big. It's interesting. It's very serious and it's a huge fight.

"My first question to my coach was about [Brook having] different speed but he said no - just different size, different power and different timing. I thought 'Wow'. It's interesting."

Now down to the last few days before the fight, Golovkin says that he's winding down training camp, having already finished his last sparring session last week. From now until the opening bell rings, Golovkin says he'll simply focus on keeping his weight in check with running and proper nutrition.

But tell me fans, what do you make of Kell Brook maintaining a heavier weight than Golovkin heading into the fight? Does it mean anything? And will it make any difference when the fight starts?

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