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Abel Sanchez: Name one fighter who has ever dominated a division like Gennady Golovkin

Abel Sanchez asserts that Gennady Golovkin has dominated the middleweight division unlike any other fighter in any division, EVER!

Trainer Abel Sanchez talks to the media about his prized pupil Gennady Golovkin and challenges you to name another fighter who has dominated like that Kazakh native.

Sanchez on if Golovkin has to move up in weight to become a worldwide superstar:

"No, I think we need to keep him busy. When Marvin Hagler was at 160 nobody asked him to move up. I mean he was dominating everybody. I think right now the goal is to be the unified champion, one, and two, we're getting close to Bernard [Hopkins'] record.

"But as I was saying to someone a little while ago, in what era has a fighter, in any division, dominated a division like Golovkin is dominating his division right now? Nobody. You can go back to Larry Holmes, you can go back to Joe Louis and say he fought a bunch of bums, doesn't matter...Look at Bernard's resume, there's a lot of guys that didn't belong in there. But nobody in any era has dominated like Golovkin is dominating right now."

On Marvin Hagler having big names like Sugar Ray Leonard, Tommy Hearns, and Roberto Duran on his middleweight resume:

"Wait a minute. He had Leonard three years out of retirement, three years out of retirement. And he got beat. You know who Ray Leonard fought before that? Kevin Howard, and knocked him out in nine rounds. So how do you compare Kevin Howard to Marvin Hagler?"

On if Golovkin needs notable names before he can ever be considered alongside greats like Hagler:

"Eventually. Eventually they're going to have to fight us. When Hagler, Leonard, Hearns, Benitez, and Duran were all -- it was different era then. People fought everybody. A loss wasn't a death sentence. Today, if you lose, nobody wants you no more. Those guys fought each other and made for great fights..."

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