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Shannon Briggs disappointed in David Haye reneging on fight

It's looking like David Haye isn't going to make good on his promise to fight Shannon Briggs after all.

Julian Finney/Getty Images
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

After David Haye publicly promised to give Shannon Briggs a fight if he won on his May undercard, which Briggs did, it appears that Haye has no intentions of keeping that promise. Over the last month or so Briggs has criticized Haye for dragging his feet on finalizing a deal for them to meet, but now Briggs feels like he just has to move onto something else. Don't be mistaken, though, Briggs still fully intends to continue stalking Haye around the UK.

"Haye is a disappointment. His mouth gave his word but his heart made the decision," Briggs exclusively told World Boxing News.

"I plan on coming back to England and continue to chase him, I'm not done with him. But the rest of this year I will stay busy with a December fight and maybe do some movie roles."

In the meantime, some believe that Haye has thought better of taking the Briggs fight, with David Price telling WBN that he believes Haye was kind of forced into saying he'd take the fight due to Briggs' public antics.

"Even when it got announced I still thought Haye wouldn't fancy it. I think he got backed into a corner but Haye the businessman eventually thought the risk versus the reward wasn't worth taking that fight.

"Briggs is dangerous, and because of his age, would Haye get any credit or enough credit for beating him with the risk he's going to take? - So taking all that into it, just I didn't think Haye would take it."

So with a Haye-Briggs fight off the table for the time being, some are speculating that Haye has his eyes on some bigger fish to fry -- likely angling for a WBA title shot. Haye has recently cracked a top 5 ranking at heavyweight with the sanctioning body.

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