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Pacquiao laughs at idea of Mayweather wanting to fight Conor McGregor

Manny Pacquiao answers questions from Marcos Villegas about coming out of retirement, choosing to fight Jessie Vargas, and Mayweather being interested in a McGregor fight.

In this interview with our colleagues at FightHub, Manny Pacquiao takes some time to answer media questions about why he returned to boxing so quickly. Here's what he had to say...

Pacquiao on why he's returning to boxing so soon after announcing his retirement:

"I changed my mind and I realized that boxing still loves me and I love boxing so why not continue my journey in boxing."

On how he manages his time between being a senator and a professional prizefighter:

"It's just time management, discipline. I can still manage working in the senate and training."

On what a typical day for him is like:

"First, in the morning, running. And after running, rest a little bit and studying the works in the office. And then at 10 o'clock, 9 o'clock, go to the senate office and attending committee meetings, committee hearings, and after committee hearing attending the session. And after the session go straight to the gym, training. And after training, go back home, rest.

On how he maintains the energy to consistently work from 5AM to 9PM everyday:

"Well in the senate it's more on the brain. And the afternoon and night, training, is more physical."

On why he chose to fight Jessie Vargas instead of Terence Crawford who is believed to be a tougher fight:

"One at a time. I mean, Vargas because he's a champion and I want to be a champion again and it's a good opponent so..."

On his future plans now that he's returned to boxing:

"The journey continues."

On if he's come back to seek a rematch with Floyd Mayweather or if it's something else:

"I don't know. I'm open to everybody, to fight."

"If the fans want [the Mayweather rematch], or if he wants, I'm open to everybody."

On Mayweather saying he would come back to fight Conor McGregor:

"[Laughs] Well that's his opinion. He has his own opinion, he can decide his own."

"I don't want to make that story big...I want to keep my mouth shut."

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