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Carl Froch breaks down Golovkin-Brook fight

Carl Froch joins Michael Buffer on stage to give his take on the Gennady Golovkin-Kell Brook fight.

Carl Froch and his new nose sniffs out the Golovkin-Brook fight to break down how he thinks it'll play out. Here's what he had to say on stage right after the official weigh-in...

"It's a fascinating fight...[Kell Brook] has got that speed, he's very, very talented, I can tell you that firsthand. I've sparred with him before the Andre Dirrell fight...and I couldn't quite get there and I had to use my weight advantage to lean on him and push him back and bully him - just to get some sort of work off. His counter right hand, his fast jab, his sly head movement - he's not got the typical Ingle style, the Johnny Nelson and Naseem Hamed style. He's not got that elusive, sort of cocky, arrgogant style if you like...But he's got the basic fundamental skills of the Ingle camp. But that with a polished defense.

"He's got great defense, great timing, and great speed - but this is all at welterweight. He's now a middleweight so we don't know what he's gonna bring as a middleweight. He's still gonna have the speed, hopefully. He's going to be able to punch harder, probably...but how will he cope with somebody like Gennady Golovkin? It's a tough, tough task - let's be terribly honest. But Kell Brook has definitely got the talent, he's got the movement, he's got the speed...I think he needs to use his jab, use his range, use his counter right hand, use his movement a lot early on.

"There's gonna be times where they have to stand and fight, and when he does that we're gonna find out what happens and how he copes with taking the shots of Gennady Golovkin. And it's not just the head shots that any boxer has to worry about, it's also the body shots - and when you get hit to the body by people who are stronger than you, and later on down the stretch when those shots are still soaking in and have drained your tank empty, that's when it can be the writing on the wall for you...

"Kell Brook has really got a massive, massive chance to shock the world. Will he do it? Nobody knows..."

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